We found our daughter…now what?

We found our daughter before we signed on with our agency.  We found her through a different agency.  We had yet to sign on with About A Child–I just knew they were our agency though.  Toni, the Bulgarian coordinator for our agency helped us wait for her.  I think we found her at the end of December and we got her file in the beginning of February.  We had our pediatrician check over her file and he reviewed it with us.  Actually, there were two little girls we were toggling between.  Well…Dan was.  I was sold on our girl from the moment I read her file…way before I ever saw her beautiful picture.  Dan and I did the normal pro-con lists for the girls.  The doc even reviewed both files after I told him only to do the one.  We have been blessed with our choice of pediatricians.

After I finished the phone call with the doctor, I called the insurance company.  They helped me with the costs of her surgery (ies) and we prepped for that.  Well…not financially quite yet, but mentally…as much as we can be I suppose.  She will need hip surgery when she gets home.

Over the past week, I have thought in a different way out this new house has been such a blessing in a way we weren’t even thinking.  We may not have been thinking, but God certainly was!  We now live in a one floor house, our daughter never would have been able to recover well in the old house with the terribly steep steps and bathroom only upstairs.  God provides.  God is good.  Always.


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