How Many Trees Have to Die?

How many trees have to die before our paperwork is finished?

I just finished the paperwork ( well almost) for Reece’s Rainbow to have our daughter posted there so we can start a fund to raise money!

I just sent the check and emailed the first part of the paperwork to Andrea.  I’m pretty sure our super awesome social worker already faxed her part in.  She’s crazy efficient.  God hand picked Lisa for us!~

I have to just sign an application then Dan has to sign and we have to mail off the disclosures to Reeces Rainbow after we have it notarized.  At least we don’t have to have THAT apostilled.  *bonus*

Next, I’m going to tackle the paperwork for our t-shirt fundraiser.  I’d like to have that going in April. 

Still need to run downstairs and print the app for RR.  I emailed the first part, but didn’t print after I had typed everything in.  Bummer.  I love (finally) having a printer…and in fact, have NO IDEA how this adoption would be progressing if we didn’t have one…but going downstairs each time with my laptop is a buzz-kill.  There are far worse things in this world.  Thank the Lord He provided an AWESOME printer for me for Christmas from my MIL.  (free for her too…so super score!)

David continues to make his plea for a thirst quencher…better jet before his world crumbles.

**saving the world, one milk cup at a time**


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