I will tell God what I will and won’t do (that goes over REALLY well)

When Dan and I started this journey…we weren’t sure if we were called to adopt or not.  We believed deep down we were so we began the sojourn.

I also remember over my life, being absolutely sure I was never going to go into mission work.  I did NOT want to live in a mud hut in Africa.  (thanks for the line, Mollee!)

Rarely did I ever think about it again.  Over time, Dan and I would find ourselves choosing “missions” on our envelope at church.  Yes, of course, who wouldn’t support them?  After all they are spreading the Love of the Lord in scary[sometimes], remote places.  God KNEW I wasn’t cut out for THAT line of work.

So I started to become interested in other people’s work.  A great friend of mine went to Africa for her “honeymoon” on a mission trip with her new husband.  I began asking questions of why and how they were able to make this happen.  “I just like hearing other peoples’ stories.”  I would say, “I have no interest myself.”  Again, God KNEW I said I wasn’t interested.

As I immersed myself in the mountains of information about information I fell in love.  *Gasp!  She’s married!*  With a country. Ukraine.  Things started to fall together and I didn’t even notice them.  Alexander, our oldest son and I started learning sign language a few months ago, in the instance Dan and I decided to pursue a deaf daughter.  The more we prayed and searched, we felt this wasn’t our time.  Alexander and I continue to learn.  Later,  l learned Ukraine has separate orphanages for deaf children.  (not all the time though)  I NEEDED to find a mission.  The urge is crazy strong.  I know in my heart, the Lord was leading me to missions work.

As if adopting one child wasn’t enough, we have decided to pursue another.  Well not pursue…wait for her as Victoria would say.  She’s not yet available, she said in an email last night.  (thanks Vic!)  I contacted our social worker Lisa about what we needed for our HS the next time. Thankfully, we only have to pay a fee a fraction of the original HS cost to update and prep for Ukraine.  In my best Southern Baptist voice, “Thank you Jesus!”

We are so excited to be in this adoption process for our FIRST daughter.  God knows if we will adopt another one or not.  I’m just excited to be a part of His plan.  Praise God.


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