Paper and Snail Mail

Toni only had our daughter’s file for about a week before we paid the fees to About A Child.  I’m expecting snail mail from Bulgaria and Toni emails me with 3 documents to fill out and send back.  She checked them over said they looked good…now we had to print them have Sue notarize them for us and send them out for apostille.

What is apostille?  (ah-post-eele)  Apparently when Sue (or anyone else) notarizes things, it’s not good enough–we will have to sent the docs to the State and have them put their seal of approval on a cover sheet stating Sue (or anyone else) is a real notary.  $15 bucks a document.  Yikes.  But we are very grateful to have a notary in the family–and it doesn’t cost us much at all.

I’m cheap…really really cheap.  I prefer frugal…but facts are facts and words are just semantics.  I sent the documents regular old USPS to Toni.  Oh yeah…today marks a month since they have been in transit!!  Needless to say we  have been getting new documents re-notarized and sent to the State this past Monday.  They should be in this week so we can send off to Toni.  NOT USPS.  They will be going FedEx.  I’ve learned my lesson…it would have been money well spent the FIRST time around.


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