They Already Love Her

I think God has made this a perfect time in our lives to adopt.  (Really?  God has perfect timing, who knew?)

We think the boys are at perfect ages for this event.  Alexander is 4 and we have been mentally prepping him by including him in everything we can, talking openly about it and putting her picture up on the fridge for all to see.  (No, we won’t have pictures for ALL to see until after our first trip.)

David takes my phone which has her picture on it as the wallpaper—walks it around the house showing his sister everything in the house.  He will randomly pick up my phone to talk to his sister.

Gage…well Gage is 1…he (and most likely David) will never remember a time without their big sister.  Seems easy enough, right?  God is in our corner.

He takes down the pic of his sister and dreams of when she will be here with us. Bless his precious heart!

That way, if we do pursue another adoption–Gage will still be young, and the other two may (or may not be) used to the idea.  AND their older sister will not be the only girl in the house!  (minus me of course, but we all know Mommies and Daddies aren’t boys or girls…we are parents)  haha


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