What’s in a Name?

No we are not announcing our daughter’s name.  Sorry…just don’t “feel it” quite yet.  I’m loving the suspense!

Well first off–the paperwork I set out to do for today is finished!  We just need to scan/email–and notarize/fax.  So though I’m not ENTIRELY finished…my goal has been met.  Score one for me!!

We have signed our paperwork for Reece’s Rainbow and need to fax that one in.  We picked our t-shirts and have everything emailed in to get that started.  Just need to scan our W-9 (boo) and send it off…maybe later tonight.  As my BFF’s daughter would word it…”I”m full of paperwork”

My one update I have been meaning to add…has apparently been delayed for a reason!  Praise the Lord for His timing…even with the “small stuff”. 

I loved naming our sons.  Each one is named after my mother with their middle names—My mom passed away a few months before Dan and I got married.  After I learned many people change their adopted children’s names…I contemplated jumping on that bandwagon.  After much though…much much thought and prayer–we decided to keep it as it is and if she wanted to change it we would have veto power.  Middle name (TBA) will stay exactly as we have it. 

Well today all that changed-Andrea from Reece’s Rainbow has our daughter posted.  She “americanized” her name for the site…We are pretty sure Dan suggested the name (which is really quite obvious) and we pushed it off to the side…then I saw her name next to her beautiful picture on RR and that was it.  I immediately began calling her that–Alexander’ followed suit (well, pretty close) and Dan saw it when he came home and he felt exactly the same way.

Once Andrea has moved our daughter to a different part of the site…we will share more details 😉

I love experiencing how God works.  Praise Him for all that He does.


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