Reece’s Rainbow

Good Morning All!

I love RR’s website.  I love how anyone can make a donation for any child at any time. 

Dan and I have decided we are going to put $25 into each child’s fund as we go along.  We will post their picture on our site so everyone can join in if they’d like!!  Any fundraising we do during that child’s 2 week period, we will share with the child.  I’m so excited!!

The problem is, how do we start?  I’m sure once we get a rhythm going it will be easier…but just choosing one?  God will guide our decision…and we’re so thankful for that.

I also signed on to be a Prayer Warrior with RR.  I really can’t wait to get my first child to pray for.  God is working in me in a wonderful fashion over this past week.  My fear there is…I’ll want to adopt every child…and then I’ll be like someone else at AAC.  (I won’t mention any names, but many of us know who YOU are!)


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