Prayer Warrior(ing) here I come!!

It has been a rough go ’round this morning on the adoption front.  We have yet to receive our 2nd round of  apostilled docs for Toni.  (our Bulgarian facilitator)  I keep trying to call the State this morning/afternoon and after a while of being on hold I get, “Due to the large number of calls, we are unable to take your call at this time, please try again.”  Grrr.

Dan called this morning and said he wanted to go for Masha too if everything works out.  I suppose I should email AAC for permission.  Alexander and I have already named her, so it all works out!  lol  I will keep it in prayer.  Our house absolutely cannot hold one more child (on top of our first daughter) without more bedrooms and another bathroom. 

Speaking of Prayer Warrior(ing)  This is Sveta. 

She HAS to be the cutest thing in piggies I’ve ever seen!

Sveta is in Ukraine.  She was born in May, 2007.  She is HIV positive.  She has NO delays or other medical complications. 

To learn more about adopting a child with HIV

If you would like to view children with HIV ready to enter a loving forever family…start here

Dan and I have been prologing how to choose a child to “sponsor” or even which child to start with until today.  We are giving Sveta’s fund $25 every 2 weeks and 10% of our fundraising will go to her fund.  God WILL unite Sveta with her forever family.

Please join me in praying for her to enter a loving family who will nurture her and love her.  How could you not?


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  1. Hey tammy, I’m sitting on a bench in my hallway waiting for my twins to fall asleep. That little girl is so sweet looking. My heart breaks open when I read about children with HIV. It is so sad. I will be praying for this girl to be welcomed into a family and loved as she deserves. Can’t type anymore too many tears.

  2. Hey Tammy-
    This is absolutely awesome what you guys are doing! Wow what a change I have seen in you guys since we met way back when ( when you didnt like me ) lol. I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing raising your family. Im so happy you have found God!!!! Hope to seee you all soon!
    Love Julie

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