Fundraising…limbo…and other extra curricular activities

Well, we’ll start off on a super positive note!  Katelyn, a MOPS mom is a Pampered Chef Consultant.  She is doing a fundraiser with us!  We are very excited as we have had MANY people anxiously waiting to place their orders to support our adoption.  I got my packet today, and I posted minor information about it on facebook…I’ve had requests for Katelyn’s page.  She mentioned Pampered Chef having some issues with public posting of their stuff (no idea why) so if you are interested, please let me know and I’ll email you the link!  We haven’t set a fundraising goal yet, but we should…because God always surpasses that goal and it’s so much fun to watch!!

Our paperwork status:  Still in limbo.  Go figure.  Toni isn’t happy at all, Victoria says we’ll get through it, Carla is ready to stampede a Senator’s door, and Amanda understands my heart when I can’t ever explain it.

Dave Reed’s office called the Secretary of State’s office today and they said they wouldn’t help them because we haven’t been waiting that long.  She suggested calling back on Friday if we haven’t heard anything.  Kudos to Reed’s office for trying. 

Dan and I have discussed going to Ukraine in the past, and after realizing he can’t tell God his will for our lives, he’s ready to travel to wherever the Hand of God takes us. 

All I can say is, I know where my heart is…and I know I commune with the Lord daily.  When we said we were ready to do His Will, we meant it.  The safest roller coaster we have ever been on…and the most fun as well!

We will know shortly what is going on.  Toni needs a commitment and needs it fast.  I did suggest today she show our girl’s file to other families if she felt the need.  The great part is, there is peace in everything. 

In the meantime, I will continue praying for sweet Sveta.  I should be receiving her actual file in the mail any day now.  Plus, I’m excited to watch the HIV+grant fund grow for these beautiful angels.  The more fundraising, the bigger their account gets too! 

Think Pampered Chef!


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