And the Villagers REJOICED!

This is me.  I am at the UPS store.  Happily mailing our docs to commit to our daughter overnight to Missouri.  Why Missouri when she’s in Bulgaria? Tracy, a fellow AAC AP is traveling to Bulgaria on Saturday to meet her children.  (see her blog to the right, it’s the one with 22 people in the family!) Carla, genius that she is…suggested Tracy hand deliver them to Toni for us.  Super awesome!!  Penny pincher than I am, even opted for the extra money to guarantee the docs get to Tracy by noon tomorrow.  Needless to say I’ll be checking the tracking on those puppies tomorrow morning.

Other than continuing with our dossier…and we’re almost done, just waiting on papers really (well, our i800a and dan’s passport) still need to be done…but it’s all coming together).  I’m not sure what the next step is on the Bulgarian side of things…so I asked Toni.  I hope she answers tomorrow.  I have no doubt, that Toni, in all her diligence, will answer promptly. 

Excited PAP that I was, wanted to document every step in this crazy process.  So before the very nice girl at the counter took our envelope and started it on its journey…I asked if I could hold it so I could take my picture with it.  I just said, “we’re adopting and these papers are really awesome.”  Genuinely she smiled and said, “congratulations!”  And bid me good luck on the way out the door. 

I have no given up on dear Masha.  In fact, I’ll add a different pic now.

I love her.  I love her sooo much and I really long to have her be our next (and LAST!) daughter.

God has His timing.  At least we’ll know about dossiers and that we’ll hand deliver our complete dossier to the state for apostille in one day!!

which is EXACTLY what we are doing when our paperwork is done with this adoption…waiting and driving it to harrisburg to get it done ourselves!!


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  1. I’m soo happy that you have such a positive outlook on all of this! Funny thing…from you going through all of this it has actually sparked an interest in Scott again. I say again because when we first got married i wasn’t supposed to have any kids so adoption would’ve been our only choice. When I was looking at the pics and reading the childrens stories I was very touched and when I repeated the stories back to Scott he was also just as touched and wanted to adopt them LOL! Then I told him the price and he was like OH BOY!! Haha till I told him about funding etc… then his wheels were turning. It’s all up to God in the end! Also word of encouragement to you…It’s ALL in god’s way, will, and timing! All will be perfectly achieved and you’ll (in my thoughts and feelings) have BOTH of your daughters wrapped up in your arms! What a precious thought!! God Bless You sister and your precious family!!!

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