Summit Sunday!

Sunday now also has a designation.  Summit Sunday.  On the Christian Orphan Alliance website…we are given like 10 points in a drawing for each week we give a shout out to the Summit on our blogs…HOLLA!!!

I haven’t heard from the church yet, I’m really hoping by the end of this week I hear something.  I know they are busy…but they are also efficient.

Yesterday, Poor Tracy’s flight was cancelled to Bulgaria because of weather.  We all felt so bad for her.  She was able to get a flight today at 2:45 and should arrive in Bulgaria at 12:20pm tomorrow. 

We are hoping to get some positive news from Reece’s Rainbow’s Ukraine facilitator for word on our girl.  He has to make sure she is still available. 

If things work out, we are looking to travel soon.  Like summer.  So hopefully this summer is full of gathering frequent flyer miles with 3.5 flights to Ukraine (she has to come home!!) and a flight to Bulgaria to meet Miss Stephanie J. 

Dan and I have to start working out childcare for the kids for 3 weeks while we’re gone in Ukraine.  We’d really prefer to not take them…but if we have to…we have to. 

Hopefully we will hear something from Toni about our paperwork by Tuesday. 

Fundraising update:  click “shop online” then “tammy” for host’s name.  ANYONE can order, it gets shipped right to you!!  for some GREAT t-shirts!!!

Dan is hoping to collect cookbook recipes and home remedies for our cookbook so we can start taking orders for it.  I, however; still need to announce it to my Bible Study group on Wednesday night…slacker.  lol

Praying this week is a week full of good news for the Dziagwa household!!


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