License is In!


PennDot finally sent Dan’s new license!

He hasn’t been able to order his passport because his address was never changed.  He, having a CDL, was not able to change it online in a quick fashion as his wife.  We had to fill out a form, have it notarized, and pay for it!! 

Well it’s in now, so at least that part is over.  Mine only took just a few days over 3 weeks from the day I went to the Post Office.  At least they didn’t screw that up! 

Haven’t heard word of Tracy’s flight getting cancelled again…so she should have landed in Sofia around 5:30 this morning our time. 

My other “friend”, Yvonne, went to pick up her daughter today!!  I thought about them all night, and the excitement and whatever else her little girl may have been feeling leaving the orphanage forever.  They are now in the last legs of their journey to bring her home.  I think they’ll be home this coming weekend. 

I posted on FB about finding a nanny…so I’m going to check into that.  We don’t have any family members “equipped” to watch all 3 boys for 3 weeks straight.  My MIL will be using one week for them, and most likely be able to watch them when her work day is over.  The search begins.  It will be much cheaper and better for everyone if the boys stay home while Dan and I are in country. 

I realized this morning, I don’t recall praying for Sweet Sveta yesterday.  Gage is taking a morning nap, Alexander is under the weather, and David is watching Veggie Tales with his big brother.  I have plenty of time for the Lord RIGHT NOW!

Here is to praying this is a week full of good news!


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