Change Change Change…

Oh yes, the Dziagwa’s have been busy!!

We are still only adopting one little girl.  Mayah Kate Dziagwa.  She’s in Eastern Europe 😉  not Bulgaria though.

Her name itself contains so much meaning for us.

Yesterday we withdrew our commitment to Stephka and AAC.  Our Bulgarian coordinator was none too happy with us, which is understandable…but we KNOW what is right for our family.  We are confident Stephka will find a great home.  We are praying for her.

AAC is an amazing adoption agency, and we really are sorry we aren’t working with them.  But we know where the Lord is leading us.  I just don’t think I’m “done” with them yet…they are going to be starting some programs I have a great deal if interest in, so God may have allowed all these contacts to be made for His purposes. 

We got Mayah’s location today, we aren’t allowed to post it…but we’re very happy with the location. 

Dan is en route as I type to apply for his passport.  We are nearly done with our dossier already!!

We are waiting for RR to send us our dossier packet so we can get started.  Dan and I are for sure driving our dossier to Harrisburg for apostille when the time is right. 

We have some changes to make with the grants…I need to contact Show Hope and provide them with the new homestudy.

Speaking of homestudy…I called our social worker, Lisa yesterday.  It was so great to talk to someone who supported our decision and understood why we were switching programs.  I had a few tid bits of information to provide for her today which I already did…and she’ll have our new homestudy this week!

Our fundraising is going well with pampered chef!  I am thinking about having a party here at the house on April 10th.  Better make my guest list!!

I will share the meaning behind Mayah’s name later.  Time to get the boys to bed.  Mama may follow…still a bit under the weather.


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