Naming Mayah

I’d love to say it was easy…but it wasn’t.  Naming any of our kids wasn’t easy.  I changed them daily.  We’d find a middle name, and it would always stick…but the first name…constantly changing.  I don’t think Mayah’s name will change because it means something to us.

When Dan and I first started looking into adoption we found a little girl named Maya.  She was in first grade, lived in Eastern Europe (we immediately thought Russia or Ukraine) it was over Thanksgiving, so no one was really available to help us find her.  We later found out she was in Bulgaria and already had a family after her. 

We have been through quite a few little girls since then.  Just in the past week, we have been through Isabella, Olivia, Sarah, there was another in in here too, but I just can’t remember it…and then I sent Dan a text message with Mayah’s picture and said, “Mayah Kate Dziagwa.”  Her name brings us full circle, back to where we started, and we are very happy.  Now, if only I can really decide on a spelling.  Maya, Myah, Mayah…I don’t do well at simple choices…suggestions are nice!!!

I found a dress at the store I can’t wait to get for her!!  I’m hoping they are still there next weekend.  We won’t find anything else about her until we travel this summer on the first trip.  Andrea said we should be there about 2.5 weeks and then come home and I’ll be going back for about 10 days TO BRING HER HOME!!

We will be changing the bedrooms around in May most likely.  Gage is moving into his brothers’ room until we do the remodel.  We may start on it this year, but next year is more likely.  The older boys are getting bunk beds, they are very excited about that!

Hoping to hear from our SW today about getting our homestudy revised.  Next week, we’ll be doing a lot of paperwork for more grants.  Our time is limited. 

One more note.  It was great to be on the receiving end of prayer over the past few weeks.  Which I just found out about yesterday.  My sweet, sweet friend Jenn, has been praying for us to get our of the Bulgarian program and into Ukraine’s because she knew my heart, I had discussed with her how I felt God was leading us to Ukraine and continued to force Bulgaria.  I was so excited to hear she had been praying for us.  Thank you, Lord for answering Jenn’s prayers!!


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