Working On A Silent Auction

It’s not as easy as you would think!

I have 2 people who have donated some great services for it, and I have one item I’m going to donate for a child.  (imagine that, I have kid stuff?)

Though if we don’t get much of a response from people to donate things…we may do drawings for the two services that did volunteer for us.  They are pretty good things to bid on, so we’ll how it all goes.  Every dollar we get is better than not getting any for sure!!

I’ve also found a coffee fundraiser I may call about here shortly.  Think we would get a good response with that one. 

Hopefully we get word about our homestudy here soon.  We ought to have it next week (hopefully!) then we can start applying for grants again.

I think I’ve found the perfect solution for a nanny for the kids!!  They won’t be shuffled from house to house either, which I’m a big fan of.  Time will tell how it works out.

I believe I’m going to re-apply with a child waits this weekend.  Also, send out the application for Sheetz fundraiser coupons.  Myah’s condition is different than Stephka’s was, so we have a chance to try again.  Guess we’ll see in a few weeks 😉

Andrea said I was supposed to get our dossier packet this week via email.  I’ve checked in 2 different days, she would send an email to Meredith, but I’ve gotten no packet.  All in God’s time, at least I can find more fundraisers in the interim. 

Speaking of which…I’m going to run downstairs and print some applications and make a phone call about the coffee.


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  1. Tammy, One thing you will want to watch when applying for grants is most will only give you a grant if you are using an agency. A Child Awaits is one of them along with Show Hope and many others. Most grants are that way. So, double check before you go to all the work.

    Amanda Drost

    • No worries, your packet will be done soon and you will have it! 🙂 It definitely takes a little time to get it all together and then you’ll be on information overload… 🙂

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