I Caused Chaos? What?!

Oh yes, I did.  Yesterday.  We got our dossier packet Friday night.  And I’m so glad I didn’t know about it otherwise I would have stayed up all night reading it…which I’m going to start doing (again) here shortly. 

The only thing I had on my mind was get the CSP and POA’s signed, notarized and mailed to Ukraine….uh…was I forgetting a step?  Apostille anyone, anyone?  Yes, yes I forgot.  We went to the UPS Store and sent the docs to Ukraine guaranteed to be there by Wednesday afternoon.

We get an email from Meredith (who is on vacation) double checking to see if we got the docs apostilled…NO was my answer…my bloodpressue was RISING!!!  Dan, smart smart man that he is, called UPS’s international number–they are stopping our documents and sending them back to Indiana.  I will hear from them tomorrow.  AND the $111 that we paid to send the docs to Ukraine is a ONE TIME FEE so we will NOT have to repay when we are ready to re-send the docs!!!  Oh yeah..UPS just made a lifetime customer out of us. 

Dan will be picking up the docs this week, then we are going to send them to the SOS so we can receive aposille on these docs and then they will be off to Ukraine AGAIN!!  God saw my flaws in all our excitement and had a plan to fix it.  No money was wasted, and very little time was really wasted overall since it was the weekend anyway.  SCORE!!


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