Good News!

We have a few things going on.  First, Dan hasn’t heard a new update from UPS so I imagine he’ll have to call today.  They were in Kentucky on Monday so they ought to be back in Indiana by now.  Then we need to get them checked by our team with RR and then off to the SOS for apostille.

After being out of the workforce since Alexander was born, I applied for a job yesterday.  At Subway 😉  part-time in the evenings and Saturdays.  No Wednesdays, No Sundays–I won’t give up my church activities.  Basically it’s to help us get more money for the adoption.  I”m going to call tomorrow to follow-up about it.  It’s right down the road, so that would be perfect!  And Dan woudn’t work so much OT and he would have more time with the kids.  I’m looking forward to it.  Though I know God will provide…HE always has!  He is always faithful!!

I emailed Toni about Stephka yesterday, and she informed me Stephka has a family committing to her!!!!  I really prayed and believed God wouldn’t have Toni return Stephka’s file to the MOJ.  I don’t know where they found Stephka or if Toni knew of a family, but we are so excited to get word of that.  Her beautiful file was hiding deep in someone else’s waiting children vault…and now her pic is out there and a family is after her!!!  It didn’t take long at all…less than a week I would say?  Can’t really remember. 

Dan and I have begun praying for another little girl on RR (uh-oh, we know that means!)  I’m learning as much as I can about her condition, and oddly enough he wasn’t an immediate NO to it either…the bug must be hitting him too.  We will continue praying and working towards Miss Maya. 

Candy bars came in yesterday, my MIL stopped over for my birthday and she left with a case to take to work.  Dan forgot his.  The pampered chef fundraiser is going pretty well.  I have one more person saying they want to buy more when they get paid…then after that, I imagine we’ll close the show.  I was supposed to get stuff in from Auntie Anne’s and haven’t yet…so maybe the mailman will be bringing it today.  I sent another app to Sheetz for coupons…they would be big, fast sellers!  I hope they approve us this time.  We should know by the beginning of next week, if not this week. 

A great way to start off  our day….finding out about Stephka.  I would LOVE to find out who it is.  God delivers. 

In the meantime, our SW let us know of a church some of “her people” have gotten money from for adoptions.  I’m mailing their letter today.  We are going to mail out support letters here shortly as well.  I need to devise my list and choose our grant agency to work with for that.  I’m thinking lifesong.  They match up to $5,000.  That would bring us soooo close!!

here are some fundraising sites:   (enter Reece’s Rainbow, then “Tammy Dziagwa” for student’s name) when you purchse so we get credit.  We also don’t get any notifications if someone purchased things…so please let us know so we can thank you!! “shop online” then “tammy” for hosts name.  We get emails from supporters for that one. 

Hoping to make some headway planning the run/walk this week…guess I’d better get on that.  Also…I need to remember to ask my bible study group to bring me recipes so I can get this cookbook FINISHED!  For sales 😉


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