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A Break…

WOW.  Intense.  Full.  Mind Blowing.  Mind boggling.  I’m not even sure which adjective is right to use.  Powerful.  Pick one.

Thankful.  Willing.  Ready.  Able.  Overwhelmed.  Excited.  Burdened.  Saddened.  Filled!!

What the summit is.  What I am.

I’m on a break for a bit and back in my hotel room.  I’m making ramen noodles and enjoying the silence.  I’m trying to let all the information fluttering in my brain find a home. 

I had no idea what I was getting into…that’s for sure.  That’s probably all I know right now.  I’ve met some incredible people…well ordinary people doing incredible things THROUGH GOD!!  Amazing…absolutely amazing. 

I can’t believe it’s over tonight.  I head back tomorrow.  We have some music worship and a few speakers and it’s over at 9….but more like 930 as it has been every night. 

I told Dan I would go home, write  a nice “thank you” letter to the pastors and the elder board…and end with “i have no idea when you’ll hear from me again”  haha.  It’s true though.  I have no direction, no clarity, but I’m filled with a beautiful, beautiful passion, and I’m looking forward to the work the Lord is going to do in me to make a wonderful transition in my information cocoon. 

I got to see Joy again today.  She was a great breath of fresh-air.  Not sure if I’ll catch her tonight or not.  It’s packed in the auditorium. 

All I can say is:  I’m so excited to have gotten to experience this.  I can’t wait to go again next year.  Hopefully they announce where it will be.  Last year it was in Dallas, the year before, Ft. Lauderdale…who knows?!

I want to share so much…I have no idea where to start…so…i think I took at least one picture today. 


My Heart…


This orphan conference is a wonderful wonderful place to be.  No doubt about it.  I am so incredibly thankful God has brought me here.  I have met amazing people. 

Walking around at all the booths and speaking to people, attending sessions…you get to see orphan ministry farther out than just adoption.  It’s overwhelming really.  I sat next to a young lady from Colorado tonight and we were talking about how great God is with hearts.  How we don’t have to feel the entire burden of every single issue pertaining to orphans:  clothing, food, medication, beds, love, education, finding Christ!!!, politics, there is just sooo much!!

My heart has been burdened (obviously) towards adoption.  Mission work as well…I just don’t know how/where/when or any of the details.  God will work with me on that.  (well the where is Ukraine).  For a while, I would look at the children from Africa and feel bad that I didn’t want to do anything for them.  (well I did…we all do in some form or another…but you know what I mean).  Again, God spoke to my heart by showing me everyone sitting in the auditorium tonight didn’t have a heart for missions/adoption like I did.  Someone in there has the heart for Africa’s orphans.  Someone in there has the heart for feeding, medicine, politics…God is working!!  It eased my burden and brought me back to center.  My center is praying and asking God how he wants to use me. 

I attended Beginning an Orphan Ministry in Your Church 101 this morning…it was my first meeting.  The speaker was brilliant and I got some incredible notes and bought his book.  I’m definitely the “dreamer” and not the “spreadsheet guy”.  And that’s okay…because God will bring me a spreadsheet guy…and he’ll bring me everyone else necessary to start an orphan ministry (of some sort…though I think I have the initial vision).  I have also been shown how incredibly important it is to know that we have a patient God.  He knows no time.  I do not need to rush a single thing, and God will put everything down as it needs to be.  As for me…right now…I am going to remain in prayer over this until God tells me what to do next.  Praise God for that…the burden is even less now…WHEW!!

I got to meet some amazing people.  Unfortunately, the coolest news of the day I cannot post…YET.  It’s not my news to tell…so…moving on.

I will post some pics!!

The first is Carolyn Tweitmeyer from  I felt like I was in the presence of a celebrity…she truly is amazing giving voice to the orphans with HIV.  Aiding to help stop the stigma so many people are afraid of because of lack of knowledge.  She and her team are empowering people to give son’s and daughter’s of God forever families. 

Now we were ready for a decent pic!!  (Joy and I at the Eastern Europe's Orphan Prayer time)

Joy (from RR!!!)  and I. 

We were too busy laughing in this one…

Joy from (RR!!) and I. I found her in the restroom thanks to our matching RR shirts! We were later able to meet up at the prayer time for Eastern Europe's orphans...clearly we were not ready for the pic. We were too busy laughing

I really just love being here!!

Q&A with Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman

More Q&A. They really have beautiful hearts for the orphans

Steven sang for all of us. Feeling the presence of the Lord like we all did--touched in so many different ways.

I”m sorry the pic quality isn’t that great.  I don’t know what’s with this camera.  Maybe I’ll get some time to check it out tomorrow…I’m really not concerned.  I’m just glad I got to document it in some way!!  I’m hitting the sack for tonight…another long day tomorrow.  This summit is incredibly intense!  It will take a long time to finally digest all we have been fed.  At least I’ll be plenty occupied for the flights home 😉  So excited for what tomorrow will bring.

She has a family!!!

Victoria that is!!!  We were elated absolutely elated to find out this news yesterday!!!!  YEsterday was a BIG day in RR world.  Victoria and her “brother” Max are being adopted together!  (they aren’t actually related…YET) but they are both in the institution…so that’s great great news!!!  We don’t know who their family is yet, but hopefully they blog their journey so we can follow.  We were considering her (and another little girl) possibly next year.  I’m just super thankful she doesn’t have to spend much more time in there.  Stephanie has a family (again).  Toni was losing time with her drastically…but God…great God that HE is…found stephanie’s family.  I’d love to find out who they are too!!  Also..we started out the announcement day that 2 little ones with HIV were being adopted together too.  Such awesome news!!!

I REALLY can’t wait to attend my group session tomorrow and learn all I can from the Tweitmeyer’s (  about HIV and the orphan.

miss victoria

her “brother” Max.  I’m hoping they know each other since they are in the same place. 

Quinn (HIV)

with his Cutie pie “Sister” Erika (HIV)

And Stephanie!! 

Pray all of these children get out of where they are ASAP!!

What great news yesterday, to find all of these children have forever families waiting for them.

I just checked…and I’m also please to post that the HIV grant has GONE DOWN TO $25!!!  That means the future forever family of Erika and Quinn were able to benefit from the grant!  Praise God for everyone’s help in that!  Guess we will have to reset our thermometer at the side of the page.  Definitely NOT complaining there.  WOW yesterday really was a big day!!

I have arrived!!!

I left the house at 1 am.  My flights were easy and quick!!  Got my car, found my hotel found the church (the size of a large mall, no lie!!)  I’ll get pics of everything later.  Then I grabbed lunch and checked in to my room.  I called Dan and cried because I already missed the kids.  He reminded me I was doing God’s work and it was his (Dan’s) turn to take care of the kids by himself while I’m gone.  The roles have always been reversed.  I’m already freaking out a bit about leaving the boys while we’re in Ukraine.  Maya will TOTALLY be worth it..but still 3 weeks is SOOO LONG!!  I saw a little boy today who was about Gage’s age on my first flight…I was looking and smiling at him, but I had to quit because I started to tear up for my Gage.  I’m such a sap.

I tried napping, but I just can’t.  Hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight.  I was going to try to catch an earlier flight out of here on Saturday and be back in pittsburgh by 915 am on Saturday, but I think I’ll choose the good night’s sleep and arrive in PIT at 715pm.  That way I’ll be more refreshed for my family!!!  We’ll see how it goes.

I report to the church tonight around 6.  There are over 1,000 people attending so registration had to start tonight.  Then there is a speaker or some event from 730-9 tonight.  It officially starts tomorrow morning at 8:15 am.  (better check on that!!)

I’m so looking forward to experiencing the presence of the Lord in a completely new way this week. 

Maybe I’ll update tonight before bed.  If not, I don’t get done tomorrow night until after 9pm.

Thank you for those who have prayed for safe travels.

t minus…’til the Summit!!!

Well, right now–I leave in 10 hours for the airport!!  Printed out my boarding passes, and all the driving directions, itineraries, etc needed for the trip.  The house is cleaned and I”m waiting for my husband to come home from work. 

Tomorrow I will be relaxing in my hotel room ready to dive into the adoption world!!

Last night I was experiencing some discouragement.  I’m also looking forward to alone time with the Lord –I know He has some major things to tell me.  I continued reading the blog that enhanced the discouragement…and the author, too has also experienced the same overwhelming feeling of the funds.  I felt better after reading that earlier today…helped me to feel not so alone 😉  though it will be great to rejoice in the homecoming of all the kiddos of so many blogs I am following.  Sofia has already met her parents, they are awaiting a court date next week.  Kelly is slowly going crazy waiting on their court date…please pray for her!!!  I check on her daily waiting for the good news.

I’ve added a few new blogs to the right and an RR button at the bottom.

The next time I post I will most likely be in Minnesota!!!


I’ll admit it…I’m struggling with funds faith.  I want our little girl home so badly, my heart is starting to ache.  I feel like only half of my heart is here with our family and half is in Eastern Europe.  I feel sad and hopeless. 

Confession over!  I know my faith is built on the ROCK.  That I will starve my fears and feed myself with the Word of the Father who created us. 

I travel to Minnesota for the Orphan Alliance Summit on Wednesday morning.  I’m sooo excited!!!  My heart is growing for the orphans so much, I can’t even begin to imagine everything GOD is going to do during my time away.  I’m even looking forward to the quiet time in my hotel room at night to study the Word and listen to My Father. 

I want to take a fundraising break.  I’m working on the run.  Another positive thing…got the approval to have our run on July 10th.  I guess I will jump over to the website (tomorrow) to get it updated and ready to take registrants!!!

The Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser went well.  We raised almost $300!!!  I’m still waiting for people to pay before we can send in the order.  Since I’ll be gone this week, I’m guessing I’ll get it ordered next Monday(?).

I do think; however, besides the run, that Scentsy will be our next fundraiser.  Lindsey Malone a Mom from our Sparkler Baby 2007 group is a demonstrator.  I love how she is willing to help us!!

Please pray for strength for Dan and I to rise up and fight the good fight.  We know God will deliver!!!


First of all…check out Maya’s beautiful Button on the right side!!!

I have to check with LU because something just isn’t right about it–so eventually the top part will be gone, but I didn’t want to wait any longer.  So super shout out to LU from RR!!!  Awesome job, LU thanks!!!

Sveta has one too, I’ll update it when I’m done–just REALLY wanted our Maya girl’s done;)

So….First off, we RE-SENT our docs to Ukraine on Saturday…according to UPS’ website, they arrived today.  Yulia will confirm that for us next week, word has it she is busy.  Apparently RR doesn’t regularly email her and does it in “shifts”…she must be one busy lady!!!  They are there…that’s what matters!!!

Now..we will be building our dossier like crazy over the next few weeks.  We are also going to be FINALLY applying for our i-600a soon.  I really really can’t wait. 

Also…I’M GOING TO THE SUMMIT!!!!  I booked my trip yesterday.  I will be blogging like crazy next week while I”m there…why?  Because I get to be ALONE!!  I earned 132 points in the drawing for the VIP tickets, so I’m really excited to win one!!  I ordered an RR shirt last Friday and it got here yesterday.  I’m wearing it to the Summit–another couple is going (thanks to my Yahoo group shout-outs!!) and they too ordered shirts…I leave Wednesday morning.  I get the whole day on Wednesday to myself until the evening. I think there is a speaker at the summit on Wed at 7:30 but I’ll have to check.  I can’t wait to devote half a week to orphans and God!!  I’m so ready to learn as much as I can!!!  I was sooo thankful our church did that.  I really really believed they would, when I prayed about the Summit, God clearly told me to ask the church–they just took a long time!!  haha  I was like a kid at Christmas waiting and waiting to hear from them.  I’m not sure I can ever find a way to thank them enough.  I’m sure everyone coming together to help bring orphans to loving forever families, is a great way to start!!!  God is so good!!

I experienced somewhat of a revelation the other day, that I’m excited to act upon.  I have been feeling like, “why hurry to get the dossier done?  we don’t have the money?”  Who cares?  God is going to provide the funds to bring our little girl home.  So we are going to work diligently to build our dossier (which really didn’t need too much more anyway)…but to have it COMPLETE will be wonderful.  We will build it…God will provide the money.  His word proves it to be true, so we need to do our part and remain faithful and diligent and do our part of the deal. 

I am working on organizing the 5k run.  It’s been so trying to get everything done.  I’ve emailed Ken from Yellow Creek to push the date to July 10th.  It’s at 9am so the midst of summer shouldn’t be too big of a deal.  Besides, runners run in all types of weather.  Also, we were planning to have David’s birthday party at YC and we always celebrate his bday the weekend after the 4th of July.  Double bonus for us 😉  I’m waiting to hear back from Ken. I have the registration website done and waiting for a date so we can finally finally finally start advertising and raising some money for Miss MK!!

All is well, happy to share an abundance of good adoption cheer!!