Sveta Friday!!

It seems to come about every 7 days!!

I’ve decided to set a goal for the HIV+ fund.  It doesn’t mean we’ll stop there…it just gives us something to look at while we’re raising money!!

I’ve added the thermometer to the side along with OUR fundraising thermometer for the adoption(s)  (oh yeah, more news!)

A friend of mine was telling me of a conversation she had with another friend.  😉

She pointed out how her daughter saw a scab on another child and poked it.  Then the comment was made how that’s why she could quite possibly never adopt a child with HIV.  I’m not pointing fingers, we all have thought this thought or something similar. 

Upon reading a website (the button is on the side,  There is a page listed of the risks we all take on a natural basis.  Our fun hiv friday factoid is:  There is more risk in falling down the stairs and being killed than contracting HIV from an infected person.  (not sexually, of course)  The website states from the national safety council.  1 in 2,225 people have a chance of dying because of falling on stairs.

  In the past 28 years there have been 8 reported but unconfirmed cases of household transmission. 

 (It is important to note that among those 8 cases were hemophiliac brothers sharing razors, some elderly women not using simple universal precautions for years, and some individuals living in bizarrely unsanitary conditions, further proving that under ‘normal’ household conditions, the virus is almost impossible to pass. – Also there have been no further cases since 1994, likely due to vast changes in the ratio of people w/ AIDS vs. HIV and the life altering improvements in medicine.)2

(copied directly from

While I continue to pray for my sweet Sveta…we will continue to raise funds as well as awareness. 

If you want to donate to the HIV fund with Reece’s Rainbow.   Kindly add the paypal fees to your donation or mail a check to this address so save RR on costs. 

Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD  20885

We quit using paypal for our donations and began sending checks as of this morning.  Fundraising is going really well for us so we will be adding even more to the fund then just our regular donations when our current fundraisers come to a close!


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