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Oh us Dziagwa’s can’t ever let anything be.  Okay…I can never let anything be.  But I like it that way.  When I look back at our journey I’m amazed at how the Lord has been watching out for us. 

Currently, I’m on the phone with UPS waiting to get an update…AND…the woman whom we have been dealing with is off today.  According to UPS our docs went to KIEV!  And now they are supposedly on their way back to us.  I have NO idea what is going on.  Really…if we can get away with not having to pay AGAIN to have them re-mailed they can destroy the docs!  We will happily start all over again….which brings me to another part in our journey.

The other day, I applied for a part-time job in the evenings…strictly adoption funding cash…I’m really excited.  It would be great to earn some money and get out of the house!!  Dan would have more time with the kids, I’m not seeing any downside to it.  The Lord may, so we’ve been keeping it in prayer. 

We may need another $1,000 to commit to little Victoria (whom we have already re-named…and it’s BEAUTIFUL!)  We have joined the arthrogryposis support group.  (http://www.amcsupport.org)  A plethora of information awaits any curious mind. 

The people of RR are wonderful.  So many of them have been praying for Victoria to find a family, and pray it’s us.  I’m ready to jump on board, Dan wasn’t last night.  He thought I was just toying around with the idea and figured it would die off.  We sat and discussed all our fears, adjustments, anything we could think of last night…everything was battled with the Word of the Lord comforting us.  (us meaning Dan really, haha)  I love relying on God’s word for help and guidance. 

The overall cost of adding another simultaneous adoption isn’t much compared to starting all over again after the first is finalized.  And really…when you’ve raised (we haven’t YET, but we WILL) nearly $16k what’s another $3k more? 

People have cheerfully flooded us with information about Shriner’s hospital, Ronald McDonald house in Philadelphia where Victoria would receive treatment.  It’s all in the Lord’s hands, we will watch how it will play out.  I simply think the journey has been amazing —and I’m also hoping the UPS guy calls me back telling me we still don’t have to pay the fees to mail another round of docs to Ukraine since it wasn’t our mistake getting over the pond!! 

In fundraising news…our Pampered Chef fundraiser is almost at a close.  We did fairly well too!  I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I need to get beer bread…always good to have a box or two of that in the cupboard.    Auntie Anne’s will probably be the most profitable fundraiser to date.  In the first day alone we made over $100 for the adoption(S).  Dan is selling at work today, and we will continue.  I love how God works. 

As for hearing about the Summit…I spoke with Pastor Dick Wednesday night wondering why the church had kept me waiting so long…he said he didn’t even know about the letter.  I emailed him a copy Thursday morning.  One of the church secretaries informed me Thursday as well that the Pastors will let us know shortly.  Though I must admit…with the possibility of pursuing two adoptions, I’m not sure I want our money to go towards the summit quite yet.  Another something to keep in prayer. 

One thing is for sure, I love life, and I love Jesus!

(guess that’s 2!)


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  1. Hi!

    I just happened to click on your blog from RR and saw your link to AMC Support. I’m part of AMC Support (I’m on the Board of Directors). I’m 22 w/ AMC in all 4 limbs. So you’re adopting the little girl w/ Arthrogryposis??? I also go to Shriners in Philadelphia. I HIGHLY recommend taking her to my lower extremity orthopedic there . He is the best orthopedic for Arthrogryposis, especially for a kiddo w/ delay in treatment. I’m GLADY send you a whole packet of info about going there. Its includes ways to get free plane tickets, ronald mcdonald houses, how to apply ect, ect, ect. I travel there from NW Ohio, 9 hours one-way. Soo worth it for Shriners & my doctors expert care! Feel free to contact me!

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