Which is what our family will “stay”.  We received word from Andrea with RR that because Victoria isn’t in the same orphanage as Masha we would have to practially do a whole new dossier/adoption.  That’s a LOT of extra money. 

God also had prepared me for the answer the day before.  He showed me if we adopted Victoria as well, the chance of me starting an orphan ministry at our church would dwindle.  Her needs would be so much higher than Masha’s therefore draining me of any time to devote to a ministry. 

So when I learned we weren’t able, I wasn’t sad.  I also told my husband I was VERY glad he was “doddling” on coming up with his final answer.  I know I would have had some anger towards him for not allowing us to have Victoria in our family as well.  We continue to pray for her. 

Our documents FINALLY arrived back to us yesterday afternoon.  I scanned and emailed them to our team–we have to get a few of the docs re-notarized.  No biggie, we are heading up to Sue’s tonight for that.  Tomorrow I will send them off to the SOS.  Praying for them to be returned to us next week.  Then they are REALLY off to Kiev!! 

Dan is STILL waiting to hear from UPS about the total damage.  The docs actually left the country…but that was UPS not us..we stopped them hours after we sent them.  Hopefully we have our answer today. 

Pretzel fundraising is going crazy well!  I’m currently working on putting together details for the Run…I need to contact the guy there so we can make more finalized plans as well.  Adding Cici’s Fundraiser to my list for next week…I applied for a job last week and interviewed yesterday…should hear by the weekend.  THEN we can make plans for a weekend fundraiser 😉


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