Summit Sunday (Observed)

First, This is a pic of our docs prepping for their trip to Harrisburg to the SOS for apostille.  (finally)  We are hoping to have them back by this time next week.  Then they will be REALLY on their way to Ukraine.  STILL waiting to get word from UPS–apparently the people at the store are waiting to hear from people at the main office (or wherever) to see what we will have to pay for the mishap. 

Now…for summit Sunday (observed!)    STILL waiting to hear from the church…but I’m really hoping since we will be there tonight for C3’s that we may get the good word.  I even posted info about the summit in the RR group so maybe it will spark some interest there as well. 

Trying to iron out the details for the run (all that I can come up with right now anyway).  Thinking about having face painting as well.  I have 2 perfect volunteers, but I have to check with their grandmother first. 

STILL waiting (seems to be a theme, right?)  to hear about the job.  But he said this weekend anyway….I’m keeping it in prayer.  God will show us what’s right in our family. 

Read some great things about Children’s hospital in Cinci, OH.  RMH is close to there should we need to stay for anything.  I’m really thinking, in all my vast knowledge of TCS (haha) that Masha’s case is mild and will require very little.  I will continue to research and be ready for when we see the doctors.


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