First of all…check out Maya’s beautiful Button on the right side!!!

I have to check with LU because something just isn’t right about it–so eventually the top part will be gone, but I didn’t want to wait any longer.  So super shout out to LU from RR!!!  Awesome job, LU thanks!!!

Sveta has one too, I’ll update it when I’m done–just REALLY wanted our Maya girl’s done;)

So….First off, we RE-SENT our docs to Ukraine on Saturday…according to UPS’ website, they arrived today.  Yulia will confirm that for us next week, word has it she is busy.  Apparently RR doesn’t regularly email her and does it in “shifts”…she must be one busy lady!!!  They are there…that’s what matters!!!

Now..we will be building our dossier like crazy over the next few weeks.  We are also going to be FINALLY applying for our i-600a soon.  I really really can’t wait. 

Also…I’M GOING TO THE SUMMIT!!!!  I booked my trip yesterday.  I will be blogging like crazy next week while I”m there…why?  Because I get to be ALONE!!  I earned 132 points in the drawing for the VIP tickets, so I’m really excited to win one!!  I ordered an RR shirt last Friday and it got here yesterday.  I’m wearing it to the Summit–another couple is going (thanks to my Yahoo group shout-outs!!) and they too ordered shirts…I leave Wednesday morning.  I get the whole day on Wednesday to myself until the evening. I think there is a speaker at the summit on Wed at 7:30 but I’ll have to check.  I can’t wait to devote half a week to orphans and God!!  I’m so ready to learn as much as I can!!!  I was sooo thankful our church did that.  I really really believed they would, when I prayed about the Summit, God clearly told me to ask the church–they just took a long time!!  haha  I was like a kid at Christmas waiting and waiting to hear from them.  I’m not sure I can ever find a way to thank them enough.  I’m sure everyone coming together to help bring orphans to loving forever families, is a great way to start!!!  God is so good!!

I experienced somewhat of a revelation the other day, that I’m excited to act upon.  I have been feeling like, “why hurry to get the dossier done?  we don’t have the money?”  Who cares?  God is going to provide the funds to bring our little girl home.  So we are going to work diligently to build our dossier (which really didn’t need too much more anyway)…but to have it COMPLETE will be wonderful.  We will build it…God will provide the money.  His word proves it to be true, so we need to do our part and remain faithful and diligent and do our part of the deal. 

I am working on organizing the 5k run.  It’s been so trying to get everything done.  I’ve emailed Ken from Yellow Creek to push the date to July 10th.  It’s at 9am so the midst of summer shouldn’t be too big of a deal.  Besides, runners run in all types of weather.  Also, we were planning to have David’s birthday party at YC and we always celebrate his bday the weekend after the 4th of July.  Double bonus for us 😉  I’m waiting to hear back from Ken. I have the registration website done and waiting for a date so we can finally finally finally start advertising and raising some money for Miss MK!!

All is well, happy to share an abundance of good adoption cheer!!


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