I’ll admit it…I’m struggling with funds faith.  I want our little girl home so badly, my heart is starting to ache.  I feel like only half of my heart is here with our family and half is in Eastern Europe.  I feel sad and hopeless. 

Confession over!  I know my faith is built on the ROCK.  That I will starve my fears and feed myself with the Word of the Father who created us. 

I travel to Minnesota for the Orphan Alliance Summit on Wednesday morning.  I’m sooo excited!!!  My heart is growing for the orphans so much, I can’t even begin to imagine everything GOD is going to do during my time away.  I’m even looking forward to the quiet time in my hotel room at night to study the Word and listen to My Father. 

I want to take a fundraising break.  I’m working on the run.  Another positive thing…got the approval to have our run on July 10th.  I guess I will jump over to the website (tomorrow) to get it updated and ready to take registrants!!!

The Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser went well.  We raised almost $300!!!  I’m still waiting for people to pay before we can send in the order.  Since I’ll be gone this week, I’m guessing I’ll get it ordered next Monday(?).

I do think; however, besides the run, that Scentsy will be our next fundraiser.  Lindsey Malone a Mom from our Sparkler Baby 2007 group is a demonstrator.  I love how she is willing to help us!!

Please pray for strength for Dan and I to rise up and fight the good fight.  We know God will deliver!!!


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  1. I love that I am able to help you out Tammy!!! I feel that you are truly getting a blessing from God by adopting Maya! I can’t wait until she is with you and your family and we can see the WHOLE family together!

    I will continue to pray for you and your family!

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