t minus…’til the Summit!!!

Well, right now–I leave in 10 hours for the airport!!  Printed out my boarding passes, and all the driving directions, itineraries, etc needed for the trip.  The house is cleaned and I”m waiting for my husband to come home from work. 

Tomorrow I will be relaxing in my hotel room ready to dive into the adoption world!!

Last night I was experiencing some discouragement.  I’m also looking forward to alone time with the Lord –I know He has some major things to tell me.  I continued reading the blog that enhanced the discouragement…and the author, too has also experienced the same overwhelming feeling of the funds.  I felt better after reading that earlier today…helped me to feel not so alone 😉  though it will be great to rejoice in the homecoming of all the kiddos of so many blogs I am following.  Sofia has already met her parents, they are awaiting a court date next week.  Kelly is slowly going crazy waiting on their court date…please pray for her!!!  http://trustedwithmuch.blogspot.com  I check on her daily waiting for the good news.

I’ve added a few new blogs to the right and an RR button at the bottom.

The next time I post I will most likely be in Minnesota!!!


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