She has a family!!!

Victoria that is!!!  We were elated absolutely elated to find out this news yesterday!!!!  YEsterday was a BIG day in RR world.  Victoria and her “brother” Max are being adopted together!  (they aren’t actually related…YET) but they are both in the institution…so that’s great great news!!!  We don’t know who their family is yet, but hopefully they blog their journey so we can follow.  We were considering her (and another little girl) possibly next year.  I’m just super thankful she doesn’t have to spend much more time in there.  Stephanie has a family (again).  Toni was losing time with her drastically…but God…great God that HE is…found stephanie’s family.  I’d love to find out who they are too!!  Also..we started out the announcement day that 2 little ones with HIV were being adopted together too.  Such awesome news!!!

I REALLY can’t wait to attend my group session tomorrow and learn all I can from the Tweitmeyer’s (  about HIV and the orphan.

miss victoria

her “brother” Max.  I’m hoping they know each other since they are in the same place. 

Quinn (HIV)

with his Cutie pie “Sister” Erika (HIV)

And Stephanie!! 

Pray all of these children get out of where they are ASAP!!

What great news yesterday, to find all of these children have forever families waiting for them.

I just checked…and I’m also please to post that the HIV grant has GONE DOWN TO $25!!!  That means the future forever family of Erika and Quinn were able to benefit from the grant!  Praise God for everyone’s help in that!  Guess we will have to reset our thermometer at the side of the page.  Definitely NOT complaining there.  WOW yesterday really was a big day!!


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