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Sveta is 3 today!!!!!!  For your viewing pleasure, here she is again:

PLEASE someone go get her before she spends ANOTHER lonely birthday in the orphanage.  I sat this morning, holding her picture, lifting her up to the Lord.  Begging the Almightly to move in the hearts of her future parents.  Not to let her go to an institution next year, not to let her sit another May 29th and have no one utter the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!

To have her blow candles out on her beautiful cake.  To hear her giggle all day because she is being spoiled like the pixie she is.  To watch her hear the Happy Birthday song for the first time and just for her

I remember Alexander’s 3rd birthday, and in just over a month, we’ll be celebrating David’s.  It’s not right for these kids to sit in an orphanage not knowing love, touch, happiness, celebrations, birthday parties

HIV is a stigma.  People wouldn’t think twice about adopting a child with diabetes…and diabetes is more umanagable than HIV!  I’m asking you to take time and do your research, learn, sponsor a child, pray for them, adopt! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Sveta!!!  I hope God creates a happiness like no other in your heart on your special day!!!!!


Scentsy Fundraiser

Hello again!!!

It was easy to find the info on my own 😉

here is the page  on the left side it says “Dziagwa Adoption” click on “buy from party” and we get the credit!!!

I could just post pics here all day, but then you’d never make it to her website!  Anyone can order.  If you live locally, email me for my address at and you can have it shipped to my house to save a bit 😉


It’s been a while…

I haven’t updated in a while about what has been going on.  We have been busy busy busy with paperwork, the notary (Sue!!) and apostille…really…can apostille be a verb? 

The majority of our dossier is sitting and waiting to be sent to it’s destination country.  The other 9 pages are waiting.  Some are at home just waiting to be sent, and the others haven’t arrived yet. 

Procrastination for getting the medicals done is now over.  I have to take them next week to get filled out.  I’m dreading it.  We also have to make sure the doc takes the perfectly filled out papers (In blue ink!!) to be notarized then they can come home with us.  I’d love to just meet him at the UPS store so I can take them home with me right away. 

Ideally, by the end of next week all our of our papers will be off to the SOS for approval…and yes…we’re really hoping that includes our 171h as well!!!

We sent our i600a on March 10th, but it was in the evening so it didn’t technically leave until the 11th.  They got it the 12th…on the 24th we received our fingerprint appts and on the 26th we were printed!!!

I called our USCIS agent yesterday…she was so polite!!  She said she would look yesterday but if they aren’t in, they’ll be in today.  I may call just to make sure 😉

We are really hoping Dan’s employer is willing to do his employment letter for us.  They have been dragging and dragging on completion.  No idea why.  I sent an email today AGAIN…hopefully we’ll have it by Tuesday…in the mail, to us that is. 

We were really hoping to be traveling this summer…but it’s looking like late summer early fall.  Which is fine.  I just want her home this year!!!

I don’t know how long after the dossier is submitted that travel usually occurs…I need to double check the timeline.  I’m thinking along the lines of 6 weeks.  Well…that will put is in the middle of august.  Bittersweet.  The older boys have “firsts” that month.  David’s first day of preschool and Alexander’s first day of pre-k…on the BUS!  i’ll be sad to miss it…but Mayah is worth it.

We’re also in the market for a larger vehicle.  We have one in mind…it’s older but we don’t care.  We believe in a God who can provide a steady vehicle that doesn’t break down every 8 hours because of age.  My current mini-van has 138,000 miles and almost never gives us trouble!  We’ve had it for over 4 years and it’s wonderful.  I’m really going to miss it.  We know God has plans for that van. 

We have also changed Mayah’s middle name.  Though we’re not going to announce it until we’ve had court. 

We have a lot going on, we’re loving life and loving on our kids!!!  God has been doing simply amazing things in our lives!!!  We are faithful He will continue.

Oh…and here’s a bit of a confession.  For the last few weeks we have not made any donations to the RR HIV+ fund.  I am happy to announce today we mailed in a check for $25.  I’m not sure what the fund is up to right now…well…I think it’s $0!!!  I do know a few HIV+ kids have found forever families since we last donated….it won’t say 0 much longer!! 

We will also be sending in another check to RR for the HIV+ fund for $35.  We announced to people who were buying our Auntie Anne’s pretzels that 10% of the funds raised were going to the HIV+ fund.  I need to get that in as well.  The beginning of next week is likely;). 

Speaking of Auntie Anne’s it was a GREAT fundraiser!!!  I highly highly recommend that one!  We received 45% of the profits right away!!!

Also…Scentsy fundraiser has started…I will get that information later.  I forgot up until this point.  Heading there now.

Please check back for an update on that fundraiser 😉


Well today I was able to get all of our documents within my control printed and in order ready to be signed and notarized.  I am going to battle tomorrow with the doctor’s forms.  I hope the doc’s office is open and ready to do that tomorrow afternoon.  Then tomorrow night we will have Sue notarize everything.  But I did just talk to the doc’s office…guess we’ll have Sue do everything we have ready tonight…we may have the doc forms dealt with by Friday.  So tomorrow…we will have the majority of our docs on their way for apostille to the SOS in PA!!!

I’m also hoping to get a letter about fingerprints for our USCIS next week…time will tell.

Last night we were at a church event and one of the church secretaries pulled me aside at the end of the event and gave me a check from an anonymous donor from our church. …..for $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah…my face was red and she had to get me some water.  Thankul doesn’t even begin to describe how we are feeling.  Dan about fell over last night when I candidly handed him the envelope. 

That takes care of Maya’s passport and all of our apostille fees and then it will knock something else out of the way too…just don’t know exactly what yet until we’re done sending things to the SOS.

Hoping by the end of next week we will have everything in our power DONE and in our hands waiting for the 171h. 

I’m looking forward to the up coming fundraisers…I really believe we will be in Ukraine by Summer’s end!!!


Another Way

Well it looks like Little Miss Maya’s passport fees are going to be paid another way.  Via a Spa night!!!!!  I’m so excited.  A woman from the vo-tech called me a few hours ago and wanted to work with us for a fundraiser.  I’ve already emailed 2 women to do facial analysis and we’re going to have a light snack too.  Tickets are going to be $20.  We can only sell 20.  I have a call into Homer City United Methodist to hopefully hold it there.  Now, the question is, do I want to add a few things to make it a ladie’s event?

I’m thinking of adding a few extra tables, like Pampered Chef, etc…not sure yet.  Need to pray about that one.

We have so much going on, I will have to designate some time later this week when I’m feeling a bit better to sit and update.  We will; however, have the majority of our dossier notarized by tomorrow night!!!  I’m reserving next week (or the week after, haha) for the medicals, heard they are a pain in the dupa.

50/50 Fridays

In an effort to begin raising funds to pay for Little Miss Dziagwa’s passport…we are going to hold 50/50 Friday’s until the goal of $600 is reached!!! 

The cost is $2 per chance or 3 chances for $5.  The “pot” will start each Friday morning and go until Sunday.  We will hold a drawing for the pot winner every Sunday…and we will post the winner right after!  We will mail the money to each winner;) 

We will also video each drawing so you can watch if your name was called!!!!

Starting……..NOW!!!  Happy Winning!!!

Each time you make a donation to our chip-in account we will receive notification of how much you donated…then your name will be entered into the “can”  (which we’re going to call the pot, hehe)

FOR SOME REASON wordpress does not allow chipins….so until I figure out how to change that…’s the link to the chipin page where you can donate 😉

Thanks for bearing with us!!


Well…TONIGHT we FINALLY are going to mail our i600a!!!

What a glorious evening!!!  I can’t wait.  I went to the bank today to get everything done.  I have sat at the computer for the kids’ entire naptime to get all the papers copied/printed for the 600a and the Both Hands application.

I am FINALLY done!  Now I’m just waiting for Dan to come home and we can get out the door!!!

The girls at the church are WONDERFUL.  Our Pastor had written us a wonderful letter of recommendation.  Yeah…I can’t find it.  I’m not sure if he gave us more than one or not.  We used one….so maybe I didn’t lose it?

We are applying with Both Hands, on their application it says from receipt of application to project date it’s about 6-8 weeks.    Please pray they approve us!

Also, I emailed our pastor today about finding us someone to help.  I’m sure we’ll have an answer soon.  In the interim I will keep praying for our widow and for our team to be built.  The bigger the team, the more work can be done…the more money raised for Mayah!!! 

I’ll be sure to remember my camera tonight to take pics of us mailing our docs!  (exciting I know!  haha)