Waiting to leave for the airport…I imagine a quiet, boring day heading back HOME.  Can’t wait to wrap my arms about all the kids and their Daddy.

However, while I wait…I’ll plug some people and the awesome work our awesome God is doing in the lives of others.

I have added 2 new blogs and 1 new link to the side.

The Jenkins family ( and the Little family (

I sat down at their table for dinner Thursday night.  They were all so warm and welcoming.  Jason shared they were missionaries.  If you know me, you know God has been putting missionaries/missions in my life in the short term past.  I was so excited!  I had asked a few questions that night and Brooke shared with me their postcard with all their contact information, family picture…I went back to my room Thursday night and began reading…picked it back up on Friday morning.  I was excited to be invited to follow their family journey do the DR (Dominican Republic, not “i’m going to be a doctor, Billie!!) 

Friday, I ended up in the slump—I’m wandering around and pass the Little family.  Jason follows me, says my name and hands me their family postcard as well.  No kidding…the man made the entire rest of my day…my mood was immediately changed.  No idea why.  Probably a mix of traveling alone (which i still enjoyed) and the emotions of having your heart broken and the knowledge of knowing your life and your family’s life is going to change because of what God let you be a part of.  Who knows?

I went back to my room and prayed God would put people in my life to direct my path.  I returned to the end of the conference…sitting in exactly the same seat in which I saw for the entire conference 😉  The Jenkins’ and the Little’s sat in the row beside me.  I prayed about it for the beginning of the speakers/music.  Then an awesome man Sergei, Demidovich (I’ll have to check the name of the spelling) was speaking via translator (funny stuff!) and I wanted so badly to ask him how I could help in Ukraine.  I went and got his DVD after the conference had ended and wanted to speak with him, but so many other people did too and I still wanted to talk to the DR missionaries.

So I went back and told them I wanted to hear their “story”.  They were willing to share and asked in which hotel I was staying.  If you know me…then you know I don’t like to stray from my routine..and going to another hotel was not on my agenda…well, I told them where I was staying and Michelle replied, “I just knew you were going to say that!”  Yep, they are in the same place!!  So after we all had gotten back, Jason and Michelle came to my room and invited me down the hall to the laundry room.  There I was able to listen to Jason and Michelle, Brooke and Brad for a little while.  Enough time to share their story, info, and a bit about our adoption thus far.

They invited me down to the DR after the adoption for a week.  They are building an orphanage (pray the land gets purchased for cheap and a quick rate!) and planting a church.  Michelle even shared her 14 year old daughter is looking forward to starting a Bible study with the other girls!  How amazing to have your entire family involved.  Brad and Brooke have 3 children, all who have lived there already and believe DR to be their home.  They travel back May 11th.  I would absolutely LOVE for Dan to go.  With all the “stuff” going on, HOPEFULLY traveling to Ukraine this year…leaving the kids is probably not in our future.  Which…after being a way for a few days..I’m ready to see them!!

I’m so glad God is putting people in my life.  I’m so excited to be a part of an unfolding journey.


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  1. Great talking with you at Summit. Michelle and I will commit to praying for you and your family, both in your current step of adoption and in possible new steps for missions. Thanks for linking to us.

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