I got a handful of good things put on ebay today.  My Canon Rebel XT, two lenses, some nice youth cleats, and a flash diffuser.  My camera stopped working on Easter, not sure why.  But people pay decent money for broken cameras for parts or whatever.  The lenses are in great condition.  I was a bit broken to see them go…but it’s for our little girl.  We NEED To file our i-600a this month!!!  We have been oh so close for so long and then things come up.  This is the month for sure!!!  I’m going to start a thermometer for the i-600 so we can see the funds go up!!! Please pray the items sell and we are able to make the money we need for this “round”.  I also need to send our ink cartridges in so we’ll get that money next week hopefully!!!  Quite a few people still owe pretzel money so I haven’t added that either.  It will go up quickly.  The ebay auctions end this weekend.  Stay tuned!!!


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