Here is the link to our run if you live in Western PA area and are interested in supporting our cause.  My dream is to have the run become an annual Reece’s Rainbow fundraiser.  Praying we get at least 150 runners.  I made the flyer tonight and Dan is going to make copies tomorrow.  I’ll get them out and around town(s) this week/end.

My ebay auctions are having a lot of traffic.  I’m very excited 😉  I’m confident we are going to raise some good funds in this manner.  I have 2 more things I need to get up and sell.  One is a cradle from fisher-price to get on Craigslist…and the other is my wedding dress.  It’s not a last minute decision.  I have always said since the day we were married I was never planning on keeping it.  There’s really no point.  Hopefully I get that on ebay or craigslist by the weekend.  I should have some decent time to devote to it on Saturday.  The older boys are going fishing with their Dad and Pappy. 

I need to buy a book of stamps and print out letters for support for the run.  A friend of mine (thanks, Sharon!!) made up a great list of local businesses for me to contact and solicit money/gifts from.  I’m also hoping to score some great prizes for an online auction.  We’ll see!!!  I’m very excited to watch the fundraising thermometer go up over the next week.  I can’t wait to file our i-600a!!!

Our fingerprints arrived from the FBI today…but we don’t need them anymore.  I can’t believe it’s been almost 13 weeks since we commited to Maya.  Sooo much has happened since then. 

Prayer requests:  lots of runners to sign up for our run!!  And for ebay auctions to soar to raise money!!!

THINKING about adding bracelets to sell at the registration table for the run.  Maybe $2 each…not quite sure yet.

AND one more thing…we need to have our Cici’s fundraising day soon.  We may need that money for the i600 funds…time will tell.

one more super request: they have court tomorrow at noon Ukraine time.  I’m totally praying they get their 10 day wait waived and they can take their beautiful Sofia HOME when they leave on Friday night!!!


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  1. Hey Tammy D,

    Have you listed your run with the ppl at the running store on Philly St? It’s called Gingerbread Man Running Co. They have a big calender in the store of upcoming runs, 5k’s etc. They may post yours there too. Also are you able to post your 5k on Runner’s World?,7141,s6-239-283-284-0-0-0,00.html I *think* that its free to list there. Lots of people check that site for events. If you already did this sorry to repeat, I hope this helps!

    ❤ JFlick

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