Today I’m sending out the first 7 letters to businesses in town asking for donations for the run.  A friend made me a list of 25 places…plus the kids and I are going to hand deliver some around here today.  Please pray it’s a big success!!!  We woud LOVE to make this run a yearly event for adoption awareness and help other adopting RR families in the future.

Ebay is going really well!  The auctions are all over tomorrow about 1:45pm est.  Please pray we get at least $300 for everything!!!  I’m so excited to watch our 600a thermometer go up up up!  As it has since we started counting.  I’m confident by Monday if we aren’t there, we’ll be sooo close! 

Dan and I discussed the addition to the house yesterday and now we need to get someone in here to give us an estimate.  I’ll get on that eventually, more than likely closer to the fall.  I want to devote most of my time to the run to make it a big success!!!

In other news:  I emailed the DR missionaries this morning asking if we could mail toys to the DR.  We are having a yardsale for our adoption, and the toys we don’t sell we’d LOVE to see get put to use in the DR.  The children play in trash piles…they sleep in trash piles.  Please!!!  If you don’t do anything with your used toys, I have an address for you to mail them to and they’ll get to the DR for the kids. 

I’m also adding a button on the side for the RR child of the month!!!


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