ISO…One Widow…

Yes, if anything…the conference and the past few months have taught me not to expect much from doing nothing.  Really…in the beginning of this process, we really figured, “there are adoption grants, we’ll just apply and apply and apply!”.  Not the case.  Not at all.  About a week after the switch of countries/children we learned we are unable to apply for most grants because we are no longer working direclty with an agency.  Though RR is adoption related, they “hook us up” with a facilitator in Ukraine.  It’s really the same thing AAC would do, but AAC is an agency, therefore we would get grants. 

I remember searching through all the available grants and whatnot.  I didn’t want to help someone else, I wanted them to help US.  I got to listen to the founder of “Both Hands” while at the conference.  It’s amazing really.  This is Dan’s “man’s project”.  I’m not sure he’s too thrilled about it right now, but I know he will be once it’s all over.  Getting the chance to help someone else (a widow) while raising money to bring his daughter home with his friends!! 

Both Hands was started a few years back when the founder sent his friend a letter asking him to help sponsor him for something while he was playing golf.  The man replied that he would help if he were working on a widow’s house….not golfing. 

Biblically, it’s a mandate.  James 1:27 calls us to look after the WIDOWS AND the ORPHANS…not just the orphans. 

So….we’re going to find 10 people (or more!!) willing to help spend one Saturday working on a widow’s house…can be landscaping outside, painting…anything really…as long as we have the supplies.  (will be sending out more donation letters to home depot, etc I think).  The 10 people all send letters out to their friends and families asking them to sponsor them while working on a widow’s house.  Thus…BOTH HANDS…one for the WIDOW and one for the ORPHAN.  Lifesong gives us the money donated towards the adoption.  Win win really.  AND I’m really excited about finding new ways to help other people AND raise adoption awareness. 

Unfortunately…or fortunately…Dan and I don’t really know widows IN NEED.  I know God knows who we will help.  I have began praying for her last night.  In HIS time, HE will reveal who will get to receive a Hand. 

Also…I’m working on more letters…I revised the business letter yesterday.  Less personal, more “donate friendly” I think.  It takes more away from donating to a personal family, and more towards the RR organization Family Sponsorship. 

Halliburton said they don’t donate directly to an individual…so I drafted up this letter mostly for them with RR information on it.  I’ll have to email the lady later today and hopefully we’ll hear something on Monday.

My ebay auctions are up to $135 dollars.  I’m praying for God to knock my socks off with a total of at least $300 in sales!!!  It’s over in almost 7 hours.  HE can do it!!! 

I”m also inviting local schools to our run.  I’m getting that letter printed out now. 

AND…I’m soliciting area churches.  I mean, the Bible tells us to adopt…I’m going to send a letter asking for donations from all the local churches.  We’ll see what happens.  All I know is we WILL be bringing our little girl home soon!!!  I can’t wait to file that i600a!!!

So excited, can’t wait to update with more great news!!!  God really is amazing.


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