I-600a bound!!!

What a weekend this has been!  We raised $296.44 on ebay!!!  Dan is meeting with a guy who sold some candy bars for us tomorrow evening and that will top us off…we haven’t received ALL the ebay money yet…which is why the thermometer doesn’t reflect the entire money raised.  HOWEVER…an extremely GENEROUS family at church donated some money to us this morning, and because of them we can file our I-600a TOMORROW!!!  We are so excited!!!  It has really felt like this day would NEVER happen. 

I was able to talk to some people at church about volunteering with us to help with our Both Hands project. 

Because this week we will be collecting much fundraising money…we’ll be able to pay Sue our generous notary…AND begin the apostille process of the rest of our dossier.

I emailed the “lease agreement” needed for the family members who “own” our home.  We are paying them instead of a mortgage. 

I still need to send our doctor’s papers in…guess I’ll do that this week (maybe next week!).  This waiting time for our 171h is going to be a big paper-chase.  Fine by me, then at least we’ll have something to do in the meantime.  Of course, I think planning the 5k and the Both Hands event will also take up my time.  Not to mention, I have 3 cuties at home who keep me hopping!!!


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  1. Congratulations! I took a picture of the post office worker as I handed the envelope over to her too! Can’t wait to see your pictures! Such a big step!!!


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