Well…TONIGHT we FINALLY are going to mail our i600a!!!

What a glorious evening!!!  I can’t wait.  I went to the bank today to get everything done.  I have sat at the computer for the kids’ entire naptime to get all the papers copied/printed for the 600a and the Both Hands application.

I am FINALLY done!  Now I’m just waiting for Dan to come home and we can get out the door!!!

The girls at the church are WONDERFUL.  Our Pastor had written us a wonderful letter of recommendation.  Yeah…I can’t find it.  I’m not sure if he gave us more than one or not.  We used one….so maybe I didn’t lose it?

We are applying with Both Hands, on their application it says from receipt of application to project date it’s about 6-8 weeks.    Please pray they approve us!

Also, I emailed our pastor today about finding us someone to help.  I’m sure we’ll have an answer soon.  In the interim I will keep praying for our widow and for our team to be built.  The bigger the team, the more work can be done…the more money raised for Mayah!!! 

I’ll be sure to remember my camera tonight to take pics of us mailing our docs!  (exciting I know!  haha)


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  1. Thanks for your encouraging words on the yahoo group! I am excited to follow your journey!
    I am going to print off the scriptures you quoted as reminders…to keep my eyes on HIM!

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