50/50 Fridays

In an effort to begin raising funds to pay for Little Miss Dziagwa’s passport…we are going to hold 50/50 Friday’s until the goal of $600 is reached!!! 

The cost is $2 per chance or 3 chances for $5.  The “pot” will start each Friday morning and go until Sunday.  We will hold a drawing for the pot winner every Sunday…and we will post the winner right after!  We will mail the money to each winner;) 

We will also video each drawing so you can watch if your name was called!!!!

Starting……..NOW!!!  Happy Winning!!!

Each time you make a donation to our chip-in account we will receive notification of how much you donated…then your name will be entered into the “can”  (which we’re going to call the pot, hehe)

FOR SOME REASON wordpress does not allow chipins….so until I figure out how to change that…..here’s the link to the chipin page where you can donate 😉

Thanks for bearing with us!!   http://5050friday.chipin.com/mayahs-passport


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