Another Way

Well it looks like Little Miss Maya’s passport fees are going to be paid another way.  Via a Spa night!!!!!  I’m so excited.  A woman from the vo-tech called me a few hours ago and wanted to work with us for a fundraiser.  I’ve already emailed 2 women to do facial analysis and we’re going to have a light snack too.  Tickets are going to be $20.  We can only sell 20.  I have a call into Homer City United Methodist to hopefully hold it there.  Now, the question is, do I want to add a few things to make it a ladie’s event?

I’m thinking of adding a few extra tables, like Pampered Chef, etc…not sure yet.  Need to pray about that one.

We have so much going on, I will have to designate some time later this week when I’m feeling a bit better to sit and update.  We will; however, have the majority of our dossier notarized by tomorrow night!!!  I’m reserving next week (or the week after, haha) for the medicals, heard they are a pain in the dupa.


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