Well today I was able to get all of our documents within my control printed and in order ready to be signed and notarized.  I am going to battle tomorrow with the doctor’s forms.  I hope the doc’s office is open and ready to do that tomorrow afternoon.  Then tomorrow night we will have Sue notarize everything.  But I did just talk to the doc’s office…guess we’ll have Sue do everything we have ready tonight…we may have the doc forms dealt with by Friday.  So tomorrow…we will have the majority of our docs on their way for apostille to the SOS in PA!!!

I’m also hoping to get a letter about fingerprints for our USCIS next week…time will tell.

Last night we were at a church event and one of the church secretaries pulled me aside at the end of the event and gave me a check from an anonymous donor from our church. …..for $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah…my face was red and she had to get me some water.  Thankul doesn’t even begin to describe how we are feeling.  Dan about fell over last night when I candidly handed him the envelope. 

That takes care of Maya’s passport and all of our apostille fees and then it will knock something else out of the way too…just don’t know exactly what yet until we’re done sending things to the SOS.

Hoping by the end of next week we will have everything in our power DONE and in our hands waiting for the 171h. 

I’m looking forward to the up coming fundraisers…I really believe we will be in Ukraine by Summer’s end!!!



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