Sveta is 3 today!!!!!!  For your viewing pleasure, here she is again:

PLEASE someone go get her before she spends ANOTHER lonely birthday in the orphanage.  I sat this morning, holding her picture, lifting her up to the Lord.  Begging the Almightly to move in the hearts of her future parents.  Not to let her go to an institution next year, not to let her sit another May 29th and have no one utter the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!

To have her blow candles out on her beautiful cake.  To hear her giggle all day because she is being spoiled like the pixie she is.  To watch her hear the Happy Birthday song for the first time and just for her

I remember Alexander’s 3rd birthday, and in just over a month, we’ll be celebrating David’s.  It’s not right for these kids to sit in an orphanage not knowing love, touch, happiness, celebrations, birthday parties

HIV is a stigma.  People wouldn’t think twice about adopting a child with diabetes…and diabetes is more umanagable than HIV!  I’m asking you to take time and do your research, learn, sponsor a child, pray for them, adopt! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Sveta!!!  I hope God creates a happiness like no other in your heart on your special day!!!!!


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