Paperwork Update

Okay.  Well I thought by the end of this week, all of our paperwork would be in an on its way…or at least prepping to be on its way to the SOS.  Of course, this is the adoption realm and nothing ever goes as planned.  It’s all good though.  God is in control!!

We have had to have our SW and Agency Licenses notarized about 3 times.  I THINK this will be the last time and we can add them to the pile of paperwork ready to send off to the SOS. 

Our housing paperwork had about 3 words incorrectly worded and needed to be re-done as well.  Hopefully that will be here in our mailbox back to us by the weekend or at the very latest, the beginning of the week.  Then it’s off to the SOS in Rhode Island.  They say on their website they have same day turnound.  Impressive compared to PA!!!  And their fees are only $5 and not $15 like PA!  wahoo!!

I still have yet to get our dr forms delivered to the doc.  We have had computer issues this week and haven’t been able to get them printed.  I did; however, get a new computer and no longer have an excuse.  hehe  Better get those done tomorrow so Dan can take them to the doc’s office on Friday.  We’ll see how that turns out. 

Our FBI background checks from PA had to be sent back to be notarized…and now…we have to order new ones!!  ICK.  Their notary expires this August.  In Ukraine they require about 12 months out before expiration.  Oh joy.  Those took a few weeks to get back, I believe.  But again…GOD is in control, it’s all being done in His timing.  Though I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was sad that we doubt dear Mayah will be home for her birthday. 

We still are waiting for our 171H which we thought would be the last piece of the dossier…but the other paperwork will more than likely be the last.  Oh well.  we are still hoping to have that in our hands this week.  It’s not like we’ve been waiting long.  They received it on the 12th of May…we were fingerprinted last Wednesday the 26th.  Not too shabby at all!!

I think that sums it up.  Again, we’re hoping to get another round of docs out to the SOS shortly.  Maybe by the middle of next week?

Our Scentsy fundraiser is going well.  here is the site if you are interested.  ANYONE can order.

I’m ready for our run to be over.  Please pray more people get the word out and we receive more registrants.  I have had many people say they are GOING to sign up…but they haven’t yet.  I am surprised how the word is getting around though.  I’m running into people and receiving emails from people supporting us, it’s really been wonderful.

I mailed out the business support letters a few weeks ago and spent a few days last week following up.  So far, we’ve received a $50 committment, we are very happy and hope for more tomorrow and Friday as I call more of the places.

We were also approved from lifesong today!!!  I have been in contact with JT Olson, Founder of Both Hands.  I feel like I’m speaking to a celebrity when he calls.  I’m very excited to get started on that project.  We are hoping for a project date of Saturday, July 31st.  We have 2 possible widows to work with…we are praying about them, and later I will get an email out to our pastor about one of them.  Hopefully in a week we’ll have made some significant progress on that project!

That is all for now on the Dziagwa’s adoption front….stay tuned!!


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