Both Hands Project

Yesterday we received our approval from LifeSong to move forward with our Both Hands Project.  NOW the real work begins!

We are planning our work day to be Saturday, July 31st around 8am to whenever the work is done!!

As of today, we do not know exactly who the widow will be.  We have two women in mind.  I contacted Pastor Dick this morning via email about one of the women.  Hopefully he gets back to me today…but they are so busy. 

I also asked him if they would like to get our Youth involved in the project.  I think that would be a great way to spend a saturday this sunmmer!  

We’re really hoping this project is able to get the word out there about adoption and though it’s expensive, not to shy away from the pricetag.  These are little human beings in the world, never receiving a hug, a smile, a kiss, an  “I love you”, encouragement…there is no price tag on their lives.  This project has so much potential for raising awareness and hopefully encouraging people to adopt!!

We are hoping for a goal of 15 people to work on the house.  We have a few in mind, but by this time next week we hope to have the majority of the team built. 

If you are reading this, and you have no interest in the actual work…there is still a place for you!!

We need a historian:  someone who would take pics/videos of the days events.  ie before and after not to mention DURING photos!

A media person:  someone who would be willing to contact local radio stations, news stations, newspapers,etc on our behalf 2 weeks prior to the event to get the word out about our project. 

FOOD!!!  People willing to take charge of bringing water, snacks, food to the project location.  Many local stores, restaurants are likely to donate once they hear what the project is about.  Or…you can also make food and bring it to the worksite.  I am going to contact Barb Baran from our church, she is the wonderful lady in charge of the food ministry at our church.  Our pastor gave us the “go ahead” if people were willing to participate.  I’ll post an update about that later.

A clean-up crew!  The workers will be out there in the sun, rain whatever that day…it would be sooo nice to have a small group of people to donate a little bit of their time to clean up afterwards…very likely to be either right before or right after dinnertime.  We’ll know more once we find out what exactly we’ll be doing all day.

SUPPLIES:  If you have items that would be of great use, extension cords, paint brushes, landscaping items (again, we’ll know more shortly) please contact me at and we’ll arrange pick-up/drop-off of your items if you are unable to attend.  Please make sure your name is clearly marked on the items. 

Last and most certainly not least…your PRAYERS are needed.  Please support us prayerfully that everything goes smoothly and all our needs are met with this project…from the team, the widow, food, supplies, awareness and finances.


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