Sveta Friday!

Beautiful sweet Sveta.  How I long for you to have a home.  HIV should be no reason a child gets left behind in an orphanage.  HIV should be no reason she hasn’t known what real love is.  An orphanage is NO PLACE for a child to be, EVER.  If you are considering adoption, I encourage you to join Reece’s Rainbow Yahoo group. It’s amazing.  People everywhere come together in prayer to lift each other up when they need it. 

Most people do not have the $24,000 necessary to adopt a child from Ukraine.  But God’s Word calls us to look after the orphan…God knows how you can raise that kind of money.  It’s possible.  And if you don’t believe me…I encourage you to check out the homecomings page on RR here  and I must add, the new pic of Adeye’s husband, Anthony at the top of the page, meeting his daughter and holding her for the first time…absolutely priceless.

And just for Sveta Friday…we’ll add a few more facts about HIV that you may not already know.

Well…the first is heresy:  An adoptive Mom in the RR group posted about 2 of her children from Ethiopia with HIV.  They were very sick when they first came home.  And now their levels are 0.  That’s right, I said 0.  Undetectable.  I’d add unbelievable as well, but God doesn’t surprise me.

And if you’re worried about stigma, you don’t have to tell anyone.  Really!   HIV+ don’t look any different than children without it.  But if you do choose to tell people…and it would certainly help to spread the word that knowledge is indeed power…you’ll be amazed at the support. 

I stole this (yet again) from the postitivelyadopted website.  The link is on the side  You are 287 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to contract HIV in a household setting…yes…that includes bloodspills and the very off chance your HIV positive child just put a fresh cut with fresh blood direclty onto your negative child with their fresh wound all opened…and really think of how rare that is to happen in your household in the first place.  So yes, your HIV+ child could have their own scab picked by another child and there is 0 risk of transmission.

Your chances of contracting HIV in a common household setting is next to 0 if not 0…oh heck..consider it 0.  HOWEVER it is 100% definite that these children will die early, unloved, confined to an orpanage, never blowing birthday candles out on a cake if WE do not do something about it.


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  1. hey u seem to be talking about this HIV and other stuff lately… what’s up with that are u getting flack from someone about adopting? Is Maya’s health ok? I think about you and ur journey alot… hope all is well.

    • Everything is fine. I am Sveta’s prayer warrior. I pray for her daily to have a family find her. I don’t want people to be scared of the stigma HIV causes many many people to have. Mayah’s health is fine as far as we know. We’re going to start learning sign language shortly so we’re able to communicate more efficiently.

  2. oh ok i was just wondering, you and Dan are brave having the three little ones and taking such a huge under taking… i hope you are able to communicate as soon as she comes home. i think that the little Sveta is a cutie pie. Let me know if u need anything.

    • Amanda, these children DIE if no one adopts them. they get sent away to mental institutions at the age of 4 and are left alone. most eat one meal a day and it’s only soup or porridge. We doubt we’ll be able to communicate right away, but kids are quick to learn. If she knows any sign language at all, it’s russian sign language. it will all work out, we’re not worried 😉 thanks for your support, we LOVE sveta. Tammy

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