Faith Vs. Feelings

I’ve heard my pastor talk about how we needn’t act upon our feelings.  Feelings are what gets us into trouble in the first place.  Not always, but a lot of the time.  Though, I suppose if you’re comparing how often faith gets one into trouble compared to feelings…feelings will always be the culprit. 

I admitted earlier to my lack of motivation.  I’m in a slump.  We’ve had it much easier than many people.  On the horizon we have 2 projects we’re praying in bring us the balance of the funds needed (plus some!) to bring Mayah home. 

I didn’t even want to go get new money orders, and now I’m making another trip because I just read you can order State Police Background checks instantly online.  I like instant.  see?  God is amazing.  Had I acted upon my feelings, I wouldn’t have done much of anything.  My faith tells me it’s built on the rock, and I refuse to be like the wavering man in James like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.  (James 1:6)  It was by faith alone I even bought envelopes today.  We have them in this house, they exist, I know they do.  I want to be done.  I want our dossier to be in the hands of our facilitator while we bring in the rest of the money for Mayah…lead, of course, by God.  Now though, I don’t need the envelopes I purchased…I can do it online.  I’m keeping the money order AND an envelope handy just in case. 

Our run is scheduled for next month…to date we still have 4 registered runners.  I have heard from countless people time and time again they plan to attend.  It is faith keeping me from frustration.  I will not be tossed about in the sea.  I’m looking forward to furthering our run plans and raising awareness for Reece’s Rainbow, adoption AND bringing Mayah home where she belongs.  In her bed, in our house, with her pretty pink bedding in her very own room…a room she will have to herself….at least for a little while.  😉

Please also keep our Both Hands Project in your prayers.  I didn’t get to meet with our first widow yesterday and that means we have to wait until next Sunday most likely.  Dan, however; has recruited 3 more people AND possible donations of supplies this week!!  Again…faith.  God is going to deliver us.  I believe it. 

And now…off to the bank to move money around again so we can get these clearances ordered again.

Oh, and on a positive note.  I called this afternoon on our i600a, and the woman I spoke with (incredibly nice!) said we were referred for approval on the 28th of May and we should receive our 171h this week!!!  I’m very excited to see how God is going to work getting everything ready for our dossier to be submitted!!!  This journey is amazing for sure.


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