I have crested the slump!

A large sigh of relief hit the Dziagwa household this evening as we were tucking our little guys in for the night.  I think even the boys were aware that Mommy finished some adoption “stuff” today and tomorrow would be for them and not the laptop OR the printer.  Oh the printer, that thing brings me so much grief.  However, I’d rather have the grief of having the printer then the inconvenience of not having a printer. 

I’d say I feel like I can breathe again, but my nose has been stuffed for days…weight has been lifted from my shoulders…Thank you Jesus

I have the medicals filled out and printed for Dan to drop off at the doc’s office tomorrow.  I really hope they cooperate and just do as they’re told.  LOL  As they’re being paid to do…we have to pay for the notary and for him to sign the papers…does insurance cover that?  jk

Our Father was a wonderful provider this evening.  I got to stroll with David in store after heading to the bank and picked up a few of their fave foods…a great way to start of their day tomorrow…how bowls of oatmeal.  They love it.  I love them.  It will be a great day.  When we got home, I immediately purchased and printed the PA State background checks.  They are now in an envelope ready to head to the state tomorrow morning to be notarized.  I have even attached the note the nice lady wanted to remind her which notary she needed to find.  I do love nice people 😉

Going to the bank was a bad idea.  I had commited to many different other adoption fundraisers and I had to pay up tonight.  I felt like each time I turned around, there was another email sitting in my inbox….waiting…waiting for me to pay.  Well, it’s done.  On the upside?  I got a beautiful necklace, Mayah got a shirt and a beautiful headband/hairbow.  I can’t wait to see it.

We’re very happy to help people raise money for their own adoptions, even when we are in the midst of the same funds raising issues.  God will provide.  Isn’t He amazing?


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  1. 3 blogs in 1 day! I am so excited for you to have a special day with your boys tomorrow. 🙂 I know just the kind you mean, where you can sit and read, and feed them their favorite foods and just love them all day long. I was trying to take it easy today since I was having so many labor like pains yesterday and I had the sweetest day with my girls. 🙂 I hope that tomorrow is a very sweet blessing for you Momma D.

  2. I also want to post that as I was reading your blog Eva came over to see what I was doing. She liked the photo of Mayah, I explained to her that right now Mayah had no Mommy or Daddy to tuck her in or hold her but that she was coming here to America where she would have a family to love her. Eva was visibly concerned. She wanted to know if she had toys or good food to eat too. I pray with my little ones a lot and you can be sure that the 3 of us will be lifting Mayah up in prayer. I think that their little hearts can have powerful prayers too.

  3. i love to pray with the boys! thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Today has already been better than yesterday!!!
    And yes, PLEASE take it easy woman!!! Bosephus needs a little more baking time 😉

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