Motivation Lack…

Oh what a lull I have hit.  I need to get the doc papers to our doctor…and I still need to get to the bank and get money orders to mail out our new orders for our State FBI background checks…WHY?  Because the notary that expires soon notarized the actual doc and we need to re-order.  It’s okay.  I will not stay in this lull, our little girl is waiting.  She’s waiting for a family she doesn’t know is coming.  I wonder…at what point do children in an orphanage stop believing a family is coming for them?  When they get transferred?  When they have watched their friends leave with families while they wait behind?  While many of their friends die, unloved, and tossed out like yesterday’s paper?  Oh how I pray our little Mayah’s heart is being spared from that pain.  We pray God is protecting her and providing comfort in a way only our Heavenly Father can do during the long waiting period.  6.5 years she has waited.  6.5 years too long.  God knows her days of being without a forever family are numbered.  He knows the days until we are there with her in our arms, wrapping her in an embrace I pray is filled with love and comfort and protection. 

While my heart feels empty and incomplete, I have many things to concentrate on in the interim…but they just don’t mask the pain of what we know.  Finding solace under the protective wing of the Father is the only hiding place. 

We’re coming Mayah-girl…we just don’t know when.  Mama’s working on it today for sure, this lull will lose!!


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