Leeza NEEDS a family

Yes I know the picture is large and maybe a little distorted.  Do NOT be fooled.  This little Angel needs love, medical care, affection, attention.  The Sanchez family discovered her in Sofia’s orphanage.  For more information contact Reece’s Rainbow.  Leeza comes with a $2,000 GRANT!  How amazing is that?  Jennifer Sanchez posted information about Leeza on their blog http:savingsofia.blogspot.com  She reported her head was shaved for the warmer months and she had sores all over little head.  She relaxed as soon as she felt the touch of a Mama.  Sofia’s Mama.  Jennifer gave Leeza some loving attention.  Surely we know Leeza’s fate.  Death.  She NEEDS a forever family.  Her family is out there, is it you?  I encourage you to pray about it and ask God who Leeza’s forever family may be.  His answer may surprise you.  Go on, ask.  Don’t be afraid.  God never sends any of His children unequipped for a mission.  NEVER. I am praying for you.

If you want to see what a little bit of love does for a child…I encourage you to hop on over and read Adeye’s blog http://nogreaterjoymom.com and see the pictures of precious Hailee after only being home from EE for a few weeks.


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