Maya’s Outfit

I was going through the clothing we got from Anne .  I had been putting it off FOREVER.  I found the outfit I’d love for her to wear leaving the orphanage feeling like the princess she is. 

How adorable is this dress?  Seriously.  Even if it’s a little chilly I’m going to get her a white cardigan (or light pink) and white leggings to do underneath.  Of course, we’ll need shoes…and a purse…and I THINK the bow we just ordered her from will even match this cute little dress.  I just can’t wait.

A few updates on the paperwork front.  Ugh.  Dan’s employer is not cooperating with the employment draft.  Yesterday, the HR Rep had done 2 drafts for us, neither one was correct.  She is now on vacation for 2 weeks and can’t do another until she is back.  Please join me in prayer for an alterior way.  We are down to the last few remaining docs….oh so close.  I wanted to be submitted by June…it’s looking like July.  I’ll take it.  Just no later please, Lord!

Our doctor returned our papers today.  It’s obvious his office did NOT read the instructions I sent with the forms.  We needed an M.D. he’s a D.O.  now what?  I have no idea.  I will call an M.D. tomorrow and talk to his office and also call our doc’s office and see if we can get anywhere.  Prayers before any work regarding the meds needs to occur.  Admittedly, I have not been covering these ‘little things’ in prayer and they are escalating. 

I was told by the really nice lady at USCIS that we should expect our approval in the mail by the end of the week at the latest.  Tomorrow is Thursday.  I was really expecting it today.  I’m so thankful our mail arrives in the early morning and I’m not left to my own devices waiting all day long.  Another example of God’s loves for me.  He knows me so well.

In talking with Dan today he said something pretty awesome.  His employer has their own jets.  They have a travel department apparently.  Oh yes.  I’m all over it.  I looked at him and said, “I want a flight to Ukraine!”  He laughed.  I said, “I”m serious.”  And I really am.  NOTHING absolutely NOTHING is too strange to ask of our Father.  Can you imagine the savings we would have if we didn’t have to cover a large expense in airplane tickets?  I have already begun asking the Lord for guidance in how a travel department such as that would help in bringing our princess home where she belongs.

Breathtaking.  That’s what I feel like when I think of Mayah.  I showed Dan the beautiful dress this evening and my breath was taken from me.  I simply can’t wait to spend some time with her.  I’m truthfully looking forward to the alone time she and I will have in our “flat” in Eastern Europe once her adoption is finalized and we are waiting to go home to her Daddy and her brothers. 

If we are able to submit our dossier in July (and I see no reason why not!) I’m hoping for an early September travel date.  Is August too much to ask? 

Please keep our run and the Both Hands project in your prayers that the people we need to build our team are available. 

That there are generous donations of supplies made available to us.

That we are able to “secure” our widow.

Thank you to those who are reading this.  Your prayers mean so much to us.


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