Yesterday…what a Day!

As of yesterday morning we needed 5 documents to finish our dossier completely.  As of now, we’re waiting on 3.  2 are traveling together and should be here in the mail ASAP. 

We needed Dan’s employment letter.  Yesterday morning, I faithfully placed it before the Lord that the doc statement would be done correctly, AND somehow we would make progress with Dan’s employment letter.  Anything is available for God to show us how awesome He really is. 

First, I learned our facilitator CAN accept doc statements signed by a D.O.  However, our doc realized he signed in black and signed again in blue.  2 sigs would not be accepted.  I called the doc’s office and was finally able to make positive progress.  First, in the morning, I called his office looking for advice on how to get an M.D.  The woman answering the phone was aggitated AGAIN…I just didnt’ want to deal with her.  I said, very nicely, “you don’t have to be mean.”  “I’m not being mean…I’m sorry.”  Immediately she changed her tune.  IT wasn’t long before she was cheering us on to get our paperwork complete as quickly as we could.  Dan was able to return to his office on lunch and have another paper signed correctly right away!!!  Dan faxed it to be checked and we received the o.k.  How awesome is God?

The second ultimate blessing was Dan’s employment letter.  He decided to call the girl back who is gone for 2 weeks…she left a number…a number that was local for us.  Dan called.  Yessir, a brand spankin’ new employee!!  A wonderful man who answered my email right away and had everything ready in the same evening!!  We picked it up yesterday evening, just before this man was getting ready to leave for the day, we were in the area.  Again I ask, how awesome is God?

Now, we are waiting on our state police clearances to return from Harrisburg notarized.  They were quick the last time, they’ll be quick again we’re sure.  THEN it’s the housing agreement we’re waiting on from Rhode Island.  We will contact Sue tomorrow to do our FINAL NOTARY work.  As soon as our paperwork comes in from Harrisburg, everythingi will be on its way to Harrisburg for apostille. 

We received an email yesterday from our stateside team giving previous adoption schedules once the dossier was submitted.  2 months.  2 months from submission to HOME!!  We want to get our dossier submitted early July AT THE ABSOLUTE LATEST!  I’m praying for late June.

Our Both Hands Project is July 31st and our 5k run is July 10th.  Please pray these events being in the remaining $15k we need to bring Mayah home.  I have to look at an actual figure here shortly…but I think to cover childcare and Dan’s time off work, it’s darn close to that.  Please please pray.  Your prayers mean so much to us.  We are able to see answers to our prayers as well as the prayers of others as we continue on this wonderful stressful adventure.  The boys are even beginning to get very very excited.  They long for their sister to be home.  So do we boys, so do we. 

I begged the boys to, “hold on I’m almost done” .  Paperwork takes such a toll on the little guys in this household.  Poor dudes.  They have no idea all the paperwork involved in bringing their sister home.  They just want her here.

By the afternoon, all parties involved were rewarded.  We went to the state park again, the wind was too much for the boys in the water though.  They were shivering in no time.  We went to the playground….then there was a snake….we left.  We piled back in the van and headed to the store and bought tons of cherries, apples, bananas, and watermelon!  Oh we all love summer fruits!!

Today we went to an awesome animal park and had such a beautiful day as a family.  Dan took the day off, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  We have all needed Daddy to be home a little bit more lately.  Slow down weekend, don’t go too fast.

Here are some pics of each of the boys trying corn dogs for the first time.  Their grandma bought them for them and dropped them off.

Alexander gets more handsome everyday.

david generally gets a big smile on his face when I get the camera out, and changes faces immediately.  We can always look forward to a great face from David.

Gage.  God bless this little man.  Everything about life is a wonderful adventure for him.  He really loves life.  I love him so much.  What a wonderful surprise he was to our family.  Thank you for loving me, Jesus.


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