The “H” has been added, and Wade

First, take a look…over there on the right…the H has been added to Mayah’s name button!!!!  I’m so happy.  Thanks Lu, I was just going to come over to the blog and change the code for the button, but Lu’s so awesome it happens automatically!!

Dan and I have some major headway to make in regards to the Both Hands project.  We need to have a launch party and invite interested persons.  Food, video, brainstorming…just one issue…we haven’t secured our widow. 

In fact, I just emailed Dan about the widow.  When we lived in our first house, we lived across the street from a wonderful, wonderful woman who would be so extremely deserving of this project.  There are a few things I can remember which needed to be done inside her house, and very little needing to be done outside.  Thankfully Dan will be at the old house this afternoon and he can talk to her.  She is very excited about us adopting Mayah and always has questions when we’re in the neighborhood.  In all 4 years we’d lived there, she was the only one we really spoke to.  She would call if she needed something and loved watching the kids play outside.  when we first moved, I was pregnant with Alexander, she has watched our family grow.  As excited as I was to move, I was extremely saddened at the very thought of telling her.  She is still sad we are gone.  While we miss her, and try to visit when we’re in the area…the move has been so great for our family.  Please join me in prayer that this is where God is leading us.  I’m so excited thinking she could be the beneficiary of the Both Hands project. 

on our Both Hands list:

secure the widow

secure the team

find a date for the launch party (and a place)

talk to people who know people who can get us donations

once above plans are made…move forward with contacting Barb about the food ministry pitching in to provide lunch

then we’ll move on to the next list.  If I think about the list growing and not shrinking, I’ll flip!!  haha  Our God is amazing, and He is keeping me calm, cool and collected throughout the planning phases of our events. 

As for our run, I contacted the t-shirt company regarding the addition of 2 logos and the first round of purchases.  So far, we’re only purchasing 12 shirts.  We still have 4 registered runners…I need to drop off a flyer to the local running shop here.  God is going to knock our socks off with these events to help us bring Mayah home.  I’m really looking forward to it.  So many people have the opportunity to witness what God can do.  Amazing. 

And now, since you have read soo much, I will post a picture of an adorable boy.  PLEASE consider him, pray for him to find a family and even send his fund a few dollars.  I absolutely HATE seeing $0 in the funds for many of these kiddos.  Their chances of a forever family finding them have to increase when the grant amounts increase…they just have to.  So please, friends, readers…if you are not in a position to adopt…please pray about donating financially and prayerfully.  ANY dollar amount is acceptable.  ANY.

This is Wade

isn’t he adorable?  Wade is in orphanage 3 where it’s likely he has been drugged to stay calm and sleepy his entire life.  How about giving Wade a chance at laughing, and giving kisses and hugs?  If you’re interested in any way.  Please go to he’s listed under the 0-2 section.  Thank you!!


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