On The Side…

While we wait…for the 2 big events we’re  having some smaller events to raise money and awareness.  I’m going to add a thermometer to the side as we will be raising money for the sign language DVD set.  We have found it for $196 including shipping!!

So far…we have none.  But I’m going to add our awesome stroller to craigslist tonight as the boys are getting older and we won’t use it anymore.  I loved that thing.  It’s in near perfect condition, I imagine it will go quickly.

Second, we’re going to have a carwash.  Dan needs to contact the local fire department down the street to see what all we need to do.  Well, I just got him the numer, so he’s doing it NOW.  No time like the present!!

I’d like to make a sign for Mayah when we do these side events.  Something like “Help us Save Mayah”  or whatever…

Third on our list is our Cici’s fundraising day.  Again, Dan needs to contact his sister to see if she’ll watch the kids for us while we solicit business on the street and at the door to get people in the door!  That will be an all day event.  Thankfully, everyone loves pizza!!!  Super, I love being the fire under my honey’s hiney…he’s on the phone with his sister as I type. 

The fire department no longer has an answering machine.  Will try again tomorrow morning. 

Lastly, a yardsale.  I have been saving things forever!!  I just learned my IL’s neighborhood is having their yardsale this Saturday…nothing short of a miracle would have me ready…but I DO believe in miracles…our God is awesome!!  I even bought yardsale stickers today at the dollar store.  Better head downstairs at least for a little bit tonight to get started. 

In other news…I bought a homeschool curriculum yesterday.  It’s Hooked on Phonics:  Reading, writing, math…and Bible!!  I got some decorations for our “classroom” this afternoon at the dollar store.  Alexander is looking forward to getting started as am I.  With being gone in August/September for the adoption, I’m not sure where that’s going to put us when I get back.  I’d like to do year-round schooling and start their new grades at the start of the summer.  I was planning on starting next week…what’s wrong with tomorrow?  I never lack ambition.  😉

  How did I forget to mention this?  I think I lack luster when it comes to the paperwork portion of adoption.  I have yet to be excited about getting paperwork completed.  Afterall, we’re still waiting for 3 documents to complete our dossier.  2 of the 3 will head to the SOS in PA with the remaining docs we sent for approval tonight (please PRAY they are all good, I’m positive they will be!) and the other will head to Rhode Island. 

There is a wonderful light at the end of our tunnel, it’s pink…with dresses…and bows….and….a PONY.  jk about the pony part, but if she wants a puppy, who am I to say No?


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