It’s No Surprise…

We have to do Dan’s medical again!  Our State Police clearances are NOT in yet and we haven’t heard anything about our housing paperwork.  They are moving and have a small child so I know it does make it a bit more difficult.  It’s all in God’s timing so I’m not stressing.  Everything else I scanned and had checked was fine!!!  I’m really hoping our SP Clearances grace us with their presence in our mailbox this morning. 

We WILL be submitted soon.  I can hardly believe it!  I’m hoping by next Friday, our dossier is en route to EE at the latest!!  God can do it.  Isn’t He amazing?

I added it up last night, we need somewhere in the ballpark of $525 to cover the DVD set, and all postage and apostille fees.  I’m planning on having that goal met this weekend!!

The boys and I made a great sign yesterday for the yardsale.  Dan needs to attach it to a stick and we can get that baby in the ground…getting the word out about our little princess!!!

We’re going to make some brownies and cookies either tonight or tomorrow and wrap them up with Mayah’s picture and our blog on them.  Really, you never know if the parent of a waiting child is going to buy a brownie!!  We even made a coffee can with the hole at the top, wrote Mayah’s name on the side in purple marker and the kids colored it.  We added her picture to it as well.  That way if people have spare change they’d like to share for Mayah’s cause…who are we to say they can’t? 

As for our Both Hands update…WOW.  I had no idea finding a widow to help would be THIS HARD!  Mollee from church called our 2nd widow and I haven’t heard anything yet.  I have 2 more friends with potential women then Dan and I have one (or two) ideas.  In fact, I’m going to email one idea right now!!  I’m not fretting, God wants Mayah to have a home more than we do and that’s a LOT, He’ll help us.

Wow, it has taken me all day to type this post.  As I type now, Dan’s medical has been faxed, signed and picked up!  I will scan/email it to our stateside team for approval tonight.  AND our SP clearances were notarized today and will be in the mail tomorrow.  We will have them by the weekend!

Now, back to the BH project.  Ugh.  I haven’t heard from anyone about this.   Time is of the essence!!  Please join us in prayer for God to reveal our widow, we are unable to move forward with finding donations until we find out what it is exactly we’ll be needing. 

I am going to do a printout tonight to hand out at the yard sale.  It will have our adoption testimony, blog information, RR donation info.  I was talking to Dan tonight sharing how exciting it will be on Saturday because you never know if a child’s future forever family will be at our table and find their child through Mayah.  God can do it, we are praying the “right” people attend the yardsale…people who have a heart to donate/buy our items and help us raise funds for Mayah and people who have a heart for adoption themselves thus saving another child from the orphaned life!!  Won’t that be so exciting?  I surely think so.

We are now up to 11 runners for our run!!  It may not sound like much but we were at 4 for the LONGEST time.  I’m so excited to watch God bring us the people and get the word out.  I’m looking forward to, in the future, directing this run to raise funds for children on RR that we won’t be adopting…but maybe YOU will!!

Speaking of us adopting…we’re considering our next one (s).  Just patiently waiting on God.  As much as I love 4 children in particular…wouldn’t it be awesome to have to find different children because they have found families?  Again, we are praying for these children (and all others!) to find homes soon.  I don’t believe we’ll be comitting to any child until we are home with Mayah.  We have no idea what we are in store for and in case you aren’t aware as of yet…it costs money!!

I have also started homeschooling Alexander in Kindergarten.  We are on the 3rd day today.  He LOVES it and does extremely well at reading.  He’ll be finished with the K reading curriculum in no time…but we are taking our time.  I will not be taking a break with schooling until we travel…the rest of the year will be different with breaks as I plan to HS year-round. 

David LOVES to be a part of the Bible lesson.  He gets to participate and does extremely well at answering the questions about the story for a 2 year old!  He enjoys doing letter recognition with Mama.  HS is not only great education wise….I’m seeing in our very short life of it thus far, it creates a wonderful bond with the children.  I’m enjoying my chance to re-connect with my oldest son…my mini-me.  He is enjoying it too…there has already been a change in this little man this week alone, being the recipient of his Mama’s attention every morning.  Gage even helps out by napping for much of the school “day”.

Alexander’s “project” today for writing…diagonal lines.  A bit trivial for him, but going back to basics for him I think will be a blessing to improve his actual handwriting.

I asked David to stop for a pose…I think he was eating something…and smiled BEFORE the camera was ready.  Darn slow camera.

The older boys were playing with the stethoscope and then Gage started copying them, it was too cute watching him.  He is the best baby ever!

Lastly, here is the first poster we made for the yard sale fundraiser.  Alexander can’t wait to make a “welcome home Mayah” sign.  We watched Sofia Sanchez’ homecoming this afternoon on and he was all but ready to welcome his own sister into our family.  The boys are starting to get as excited as their Mama and Papa


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